Selling Talent Insurance

Thank you for including Talent Insurance in your benefit offerings! We look forward to partnering with you and your clients on this innovative employee benefit addressing individual and organizational concerns like mental health, employee wellbeing, and inclusivity while reducing turnover, absenteeism, and medical costs for a company.

If you want to talk with someone from the LeggUP team, book a meeting here.

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How to Sell Talent Insurance

Start selling Talent Insurance in 4 easy steps: 

  1. Request your first quote by emailing
  2. Become appointed with LeggUP to receive commission
  3. Reference our self-service toolkit, here
  4. Start adding Talent Insurance to all your clients' benefits packages

Member Experience

The LeggUP team handles every step of the implementation and onboarding process of new members. The member experience begins with a:

  • Member introduction webinar hosted by their dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Members create their profile, take their assessments, and customize their coaching programs
  • Live one-on-one virtual coaching begins for a total of 6 sessions


After just 3-4 months, our members see up to a:

  • 73% improvement in Emotional Health
  • 66% improvement in Ability to Avoid Burnout
  • 39% improvement in Physical Health
  • 62% improvement in Relationships at work

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AbilitiCBT is clinical care leading to genuine transformation , improving an individuals quality of life. Member survey results show: 

  • 97% of members would recommend AbilitiCBT to others
  • 86% of members say they learned a new behavioral skill
  • 90% say AbilitiCBT is helping them progress towards their goals
  • 79% say AbilitiCBT is helping them reduce their mental health symptoms

Talent Insurance ROI

Our program is rooted in science with proven ROI. In fact, the LeggUP coaching model predicts 5-7x ROI stemming from 3 main components:

  • performance improvements resulting in increased productivity
  • enhanced wellbeing resulting in improved mental and physical health, and
  • reduced turnover resulting in increased retention.
Preventing Burnout

We started this program to reduce burnout and retain executive directors, and no one has left! They are still here and they are still engaged...We are looking to expand [LeggUP] within other leadership positions and growing the program within the organization.

Corky C.
LeggUP Member

Turnkey Coaching Platform

The LeggUP platform is very easy to use, the assessment process was very insightful and it is easy to customize the program to fit each team member's needs.

Director of HR

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