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When you're stressed, would you rather eat pizza or salad? When you're bored, are you more likely to binge on Netflix or go for a run? These are just some of the ways work-related stressors can impact our physical and mental health.

Our mind and body are intricately connected, which is why we take a holistic approach to self-development by focusing on 12 dimensions of Productivity and Wellbeing. When we are happy and healthy, we engage in better behaviors, improving not only our professional lives but our overall health. And research shows improved physical health lowers medical costs for your company.

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Our Results:
Improved Emotional Health
Building Relationships
Job Satisfaction
Avoiding Burnout
Physical Health
Employee Engagement
Emotional Health

Our 6 Wellbeing Dimensions

Wellbeing consists of two main components: feeling good and functioning well. By focusing on stress management, building resilience, and avoiding burnout, our coaching helps people develop skills, habits, and behaviors that reduce work-related triggers directly impacting their mental health.

And for people with clinical diagnoses like anxiety and depression, LeggUP coaching acts as a highly effective support mechanism to understand what impacts their symptoms at work and how to mitigate negative effects.

Our 6 Productivity Dimensions

Our Productivity dimensions develop sets of behaviors instrumental in achieving desired levels of performance. For example, to communicate effectively, you must listen actively, make eye contact, understand and relate to what the other person is saying, and respond appropriately.

We all want to thrive and be happy throughout our daily lives. Mastering the six dimensions of Productivity is a step towards a rewarding life.

Leading & Empowering
Building Trust
Communication Skills
Setting Goals & Values
Regulaing Emotions
Career Pulse Assessment in the LeggUP mobile app

Career Pulse Assessment

Every coaching engagement begins and ends with our proprietary Career Pulse Assessment. Designed to measure 12 dimensions within Productivity and Wellbeing, the first Career Pulse Assessment helps your people identify their strengths and potential blindspots. With these insights in hand, members have a better idea of what development topics they should invest in while your company has a baseline to track development.

The second Career Pulse Assessment helps our scientists track company-wide growth. In addition to seeing aggregated results, the scientists behind LeggUP LABS will help you contextualize this wealth of information!

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Positive ROI

Professional coaching is shown to:

- improve physical and mental health, lowering medical costs

- help manage symptoms of clinical diagnoses

- increase retention by 32% or more

- increase engagement, productivity, and communication

Taking all this into consideration, professional coaching through LeggUP can recoup a 6-7x return on investment!

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Intelligent Coach Matching

Utilizing our Career Pulse Assessment and a learning style assessment, our machine learning technology automatically matches your people to the top 3 coaches best-suited for them. And with an overall 4.8/5 coach rating, we're confident our network has a coach for everyone in your diverse organization!

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Evidence-Based Coaching Programs

Our coaching focuses heavily on Wellbeing and its positive correlation to Productivity. Why? Higher employee wellbeing is associated with higher morale, which, in turn, leads to higher productivity. In particular, positive emotions lead to heightened motivation and hence better job performance.  Whether your organization needs help avoiding burnout, empowering new managers, or retaining top talent, there’s no question your people are looking to you for workplace transformation. LeggUP makes it easy to help your people wherever, whenever they need it.

LeggUP Results

After 3 to 4 months of active utilization with Talent Insurance, our members report significant improvements in Productivity dimensions like leadership and communication skills and Wellbeing dimensions like avoiding burnout and building better relationships at work.

Productivity Results


Improvement in Building Trust


Improvement in Leadership Skills


Improvement in Communication Skills


Improvement in Regulating Emotions


Improvement in Setting Goals & Values


Improvement in Self-Reflection

Wellbeing Results


Improvement in Physical Health


Improvement in Emotional Health


Improvement in Avoiding Burnout


Improvement in Engagement


Improvement in Building Relationships


Improvement in Job Satisfaction

LeggUP LABS Pillars

Impactful Member


Continuous Innovation

Excellence in Organizational

& Behavioral Research

Your Success Rooted in Science

Ready to support your people and your business with LeggUP? With data-driven science, personalized coaching, and unrivaled people analytics, the only thing you'll be left wondering is why you didn't talk with us sooner.

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