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LeggUP’s technology integrates expert career health providers, science-backed assessments and self-paced development to positively impact the productivity and wellbeing of employees through 1-on-1 personal engagements.

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Career Health is the holistic measure of the productivity and wellbeing of employees. Optimal career health unlocks human potential.

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Wellbeing is the state of being happy, healthy. Growing and thriving in your career and personal life is essential to happiness.


Productivity competencies are sets of behaviors that are instrumental in achieving desired results.

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Our Vision
Step 1

Our process starts with understanding your business and your employees. Every initiative is highly customized to meet your objectives.

Step 2

Our turnkey approach includes a menu of communication materials and preformated emails, including leader-to-employee, that are personalized for your organization.

Step 3

We remove the mystique out of professional development wiith a beautiful onboarding process that includes communication, webinars, and an easy to navigate paltform, which takes a member all the way from sign up to first session.

Step 4

Each program is personalized for that specific member. Enterprises and employees blend their inputs for the program and our career health provider matching engine ensures valuable rapport in the first session.

Step 5

Enterprises have access to our manager portal to monitor progress in a dashboard, as well as add new members and programs, for a scalable, on demand experience.

Step 6

We provide a detailed debriefs throughout the process for an agile approach that improves flexibility and effectiveness. This drives decision-making for intelligent follow-on actions.

Let’s unlock employee potential.

Career Health Saves

Investing in career health retains top talent with a proven return on investment and dramatically decreases turnover costs.

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