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At LeggUP, we develop adaptable workforces, so your people embrace change with elastic-like energy, your teams are resilient, and your company’s performance skyrockets.
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We Build Adaptable Workforces

Transformational Conversations. Measurable Growth.

No two employees are alike. So why are we still offering one-size-fits-all solutions? Personalized coaching with LeggUP helps you put your people first, catapulting their career and wellbeing while transforming your organization's output and culture.

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How Coaching with LeggUP works

Our Vision
Step 1

A company is only as good as the people they keep. Our Career Pulse Assessment helps us get to know your people and culture on 12 productivity and wellbeing dimensions.

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Step 2

With 40 leadership topics to dive into, we’ll help you create the perfect plan to meet individual and organizational goals.

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Step 3

We’re not here to add to your to-do list. Onboarding is outrageously easy for both you and your employees.

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Step 4

Transformational conversations happen anytime, anywhere with our virtual coaching platform.

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Step 5

We’re about measurable, tangible growth. We’ll give you a 360 view of how your people changed and your organization grew.

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Step 6

Employee productivity and wellbeing is worth celebrating. First, we cheer for your success. Then, we ensure it’s sustainable, setting you up for  continued growth.

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Rooted in Science, Proven Results


I honestly felt there was a lot of self-discovery, support, and encouragement throughout the process, and this coaching experience far surpassed any experience I expected to have.

LeggUP Member

Preventing Burnout

We started this program to reduce burnout and retain executive directors, and no one has left! They are all still here and are still engaged...We are looking to expand LeggUP into other positions and grow the program across all our entities.

Corky C.
Talent & Development Director

Coach Matching

I have learned something new from my coach in each one of our sessions, and have been able to make some changes that have helped me both personally and professionally...There has been nothing awkward about our sessions, they are very upbeat and have become a bright spot in my week.

LeggUP Member

First Time Coachee

I really enjoyed the program! They were easy-going conversations and I didn’t feel like it was a chore (even though I scheduled them on Mondays).

LeggUP Member

Turnkey Coaching Platform

The LeggUP platform is very easy to use, the assessment process was very insightful and it is easy to customize the program to fit each team member's needs.

Director of HR

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We're Your Employees Favorite Benefit.

You have health insurance, dental insurance, maybe even pet insurance. LeggUP is your Talent Insurance™.

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