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LeggUP combines proprietary people assessments, personal and professional coaching, and real-time people analytics for a truly personalized experience benefiting both the employee and your organization.

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The LeggUP Platform transforms professional development into people development with inclusive, accessible, and personalized monthly learning experiences.

Elevate the experience with Talent Insurance™ and support your people with one-on-one professional coaching amplified by LeggUP's proprietary science.

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Development & Coaching Platform

Loved by HR Leaders Globally

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A LeggUP For People Leaders

We develop Leaders

Many managers lack modern skills to lead effective teams. We help your managers develop skills around issues like handling difficult conversations, leading knowledge workers, and mastering the art of negotiation.

We Prioritize Wellbeing

Employees feel stressed and overworked, resulting in burnout and absenteeism. We help your people develop new skills, habits, and behaviors that reduce work-related triggers directly impacting their mental health.

We Improve Retention

When employees don't feel supported or appreciated, they leave. By directly and indirectly improving job satisfaction, emotional health, and relationships with co-workers and managers, we help you retain your people.

LeggUP Results

After 3-4 months of Talent Insurance, our members see results like:


Improvement in Leadership Skills


Improvement in Avoiding Burnout


Improvement in Job Satisfaction


Improvement in Retention

Visual representation of LeggUP's NPS or Net promoter Score of 78 based on a scale of -100 to 100

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

visual representation of LeggUP's average coach-member rating of 4.8/5

Average Coach Rating

Empowering the Development Of Your Greatest Asset— People.

By offering LeggUP as an employee benefit, businesses are simultaneously investing in the wellbeing and professional development of their people with no risk.

LeggUP Platform

Science-Backed People Assessments

Unrivaled People Analytics & ROI Dashboard

40+ Productivity & Wellbeing Coaching Topics

Live Group Coaching Webinars

Fixed Monthly Rate for All Your Employees

Talent Insurance®

End-to-End Integrated Coaching Platform

3, 6, or 12 One-on-One Virtual Coaching Sessions per Year

Diverse Network of Certified Professional Coaches

Intelligent Coach Matching Technology Within our Network

Why LeggUP

Proprietary Science & Technology with Proven Results

Any Talent Insurance member with a completed program is insured against voluntary resignation

See How It Works
female employee in a professional coaching session

We Build Adaptable Workforces

LeggUP’s Talent Insurance helps organizations develop adaptable workforces, so their people embrace change with elastic-like energy, their teams are resilient, and the company’s performance skyrockets. Our unique professional and mental health coaching accomplishes this in three ways: people analytics, data-driven science, and personalized coaching.

Megan Schuller, LeggUP's Director of Learning and Behavioral Sciences

Megan Schuller, PhD

Director of L.A.B.S

Kelvin Thomas, LeggUP's Director of Coaching Experience

Kelvin Thomas, PCC

Director of Coaching Experience

Wellbeing Dimensions

Building Relationships
Job Satisfaction
Avoiding Burnout
Physical Health
Employee Engagement
Emotional Health

Productivity Dimensions

Leading & Empowering
Building Trust
Communication Skills
Setting Goals & Values
Regulaing Emotions

People Analytics

Every coaching engagement begins and ends with our employee assessments, measuring 12 critical dimensions of Wellbeing and Productivity.

The LeggUP leadership dashboard tracks real-time growth within these dimensions, plus other important metrics like utilization, progress, and anonymous feedback.

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Data-Driven Science

Our coaching topics and supplemental workbooks are created and curated by LeggUP LABS, our in-house team of Organizational and Behavioral Psychologists.

And with our intelligent coach matching technology, there are no more guessing games— your people are matched to the coach best suited for them within our diverse provider network.

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desktop mockup of LeggUP's customizable programmingphone mockup of LeggUP mobile app
black female employee happily talking to someone via laptop

Personalized Coaching

Companies and individuals can customize their coaching programs by selecting from LeggUP’s menu of Wellbeing and Productivity topics.

Every coaching session is 100% personalized and private, so members feel confident opening up to their provider from their first hello.

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HR Leaders Love Us

I enjoyed learning from my coach's experience and perspective on goal setting and change. We appreciate and value our partnership with LeggUP!

Elizabeth Stork

CHRO, Barton Health

"The LeggUP platform is very easy to use, the assessment process was very insightful and it is easy to customize the program to fit each team member's needs."

Andie Gordman

Director of HR HUB International

"We started this program to reduce burnout and retain executive directors, and no one has left! They are all still here and are still engaged...We are looking to expand LeggUP into other positions and grow the program across all our entities."

Corky Curtis

Learning & Development Director MBK Real Estate

"I am a believer in contributes to the culture because people feel like the organizations are making investments in them and I feel like it’s something that does hold people accountable."

Tim Harrison

VP Corporate Partnerships Phoenix Children's Hospital

LeggUP is an outstanding tool to deliver real results for coaching at all levels in the company. We piloted it in 2021 for high potentials and high-performers and it truly helped propel their careers. We have continued with this program for 2022 and people were thrilled to be selected to participate. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a way to retain top talent!

Julie Brown

VP Global HR, Doble Engineering

Getting Started with LeggUP

LeggUP app phone mockup

Onboard Your Team

We’re not here to add to your to-do list. Onboarding is outrageously easy for both you and your employees.

Career Pulse Assessment in the LeggUP mobile app

Build Your Benchmarks

A company is only as good as the people they keep. Our Career Pulse Assessment helps you get to know your people and culture across 12 dimensions of Productivity and Wellbeing

phone mockup of customizing your coaching program

Customize Coaching Programs

With 40+ development themes to dive into, we’ll help you create the perfect plan to meet individual and organizational goals.

phone mockup of a live virtual 1:1 coaching session

Start Virtual Coaching

Transformational conversations happen anytime, anywhere with our virtual coaching platform. It's 50-minutes of greatness.

phone mockup of LeggUP's People Analytics Dashboard

Track Your Success

We’re about measurable, tangible growth. We’ll give you a 360 view of how your people changed and your organization grew.

phone mockup of end of program screen on mobile app

Set Your Next Goal

Employee productivity and wellbeing is worth celebrating. First, we cheer for your success. Then, we ensure it’s sustainable, setting you up for  continued growth.

Expert Professional Providers

ICF Certified

10+ Languages

20+ Countries

Learn about our coaches

Our Resources

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