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While individual assessment results and coaching sessions are 100% private, aggregated data provides unparalleled access to track company-wide development and utilization within LeggUP’s People Analytics dashboard.

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The outcomes of coaching are experienced on multiple levels. The long-standing accepted model for evaluating training and development programs, the Kirkpatrick model, identifies four levels of evaluation: Reaction, Learning, Behavior, and Results.

Our People Analytics Dashboard allows clients to track growth and development in real time. From the Kirkpatrick model, the dashboard measures three of the four levels of evaluation: Reaction, Learning, and Behavior.

Data that Impacts The Bottom Line

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Track Utilization

Keep a pulse on program participation! The top of your leadership dahsboard shows real-time utilization data. You’ll also see the most popular development topics, giving you insight into areas of personal interest or potential cultural issues.

Measure 6 Productivity Dimensions

Learning and Behavior changes are displayed on the dashboard in two ways. First, the Team Profile shows a team’s average score on each dimension by comparing their first and second Career Pulse Assessment aggregated results.

Dashboard mockup of measuring 6 dimensions of Productivity - People Analytics
dashboard mockup of measuring LeggUP's 6 dimensions of Wellbeing in the People Analytics Dashboard

Measure 6 Dimensions of Wellbeing

Additionally, each dimension can be viewed broken down by percentage of team members whose assessments identified this area as a strength, a well-developed attribute, a growth opportunity, an area where development is recommended, or a blind spot.

Track Member Feedback

We measure reactions through coach and session ratings. This is a measure of affect (whether they enjoyed coaching) and utility judgment (whether members feel the coaching was valuable).

preview of member feedback in LeggUP's People Analytics dashboard

HR Leaders Love Us

LeggUP is an outstanding tool to deliver real results for coaching at all levels in the company. We piloted it in 2021 for high potentials and high-performers and it truly helped propel their careers. We have continued with this program for 2022 and people were thrilled to be selected to participate. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a way to retain top talent!

Julie Brown

VP Global HR, Doble Engineering

"I am a believer in contributes to the culture because people feel like the organizations are making investments in them and I feel like it’s something that does hold people accountable."

Tim Harrison

VP Corporate Partnerships Phoenix Children's Hospital

"We started this program to reduce burnout and retain executive directors, and no one has left! They are all still here and are still engaged...We are looking to expand LeggUP into other positions and grow the program across all our entities."

Corky Curtis

Learning & Development Director MBK Real Estate

"The LeggUP platform is very easy to use, the assessment process was very insightful and it is easy to customize the program to fit each team member's needs."

Andie Gordman

Director of HR HUB International

I enjoyed learning from my coach's experience and perspective on goal setting and change. We appreciate and value our partnership with LeggUP!

Elizabeth Stork

CHRO, Barton Health

Our Results Give You a LeggUP

With our help, you can offer personalized people development to all your employees, wherever they are in their professional journey. It's in-the-moment support with measurable transformations.
Stop wondering if your professional development or wellness initiatives are working— track it!

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Improvement in Physical Health


Improvement in Emotional Health


Improvement in Avoiding Burnout


Improvement in Engagement


Improvement in Building Relationships


Improvement in Job Satisfaction

*Real results after 3 to 4 months of Talent Insurance utilization!

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