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While all of our coaching sessions are completely private, the LeggUP leadership dashboard provides you unparalleled access to track your peoples’ progress and organizations' growth. It's a 360-view of your organization like you’ve never seen before.

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Visual of LeggUP's leadership dashboard, highlighting how we track utilization and 6 productivity dimensions

Productivity Dimensions

See how your people are trending in our six Productivity dimensions with our real-time analytics. With the click of a button you can uncover your company's overall strengths, areas for growth, and blind spots.

Wellbeing Dimensions

Burnout, work-related stress, and turnover are at an all-time high. But with our Wellbeing report, providing real-time analytics, you'll be able to recognize where your organization is thriving and where your people need more support.

Visual of LeggUP's leadership dashboard, highlighting how we track utilization and 6 wellbeing dimensions
Example of our leadership dashboard showing employee progress, most popular coaching topics, and aggregated growth

Utilization & Feedback

It couldn't be easier to track utilization rates and receive feedback from your team. With confidentially allowing for transparent reviews, you can make your renewal decision with the utmost confidence.

Testimonials From HR Leaders

Preventing Burnout

We started this program to reduce burnout and retain executive directors, and no one has left! They are still here and they are still engaged...We are looking to expand [LeggUP] within other leadership positions and growing the program within the organization.

Corky C.
LeggUP Member

Turnkey Coaching Platform

The LeggUP platform is very easy to use, the assessment process was very insightful and it is easy to customize the program to fit each team member's needs.

Director of HR

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Our Results Give You a LeggUP

With our help, you can offer personalized people development to all your employees, wherever they are in their professional journey. It's in-the-moment support with measurable transformations.

Stop wondering if your professional development or wellness initiatives are working— track it! 

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54% Improvement in
Leadership Skills
62% Improvement in
Relationship Building
63% Improvement in
Setting Goals & Values
73% Improvement in
Overall Job Satisfaction
66% Improvement in
Avoiding Burnout
*Real results after 3 to 4 months of LeggUP coaching! 

Your LeggUP is Here

Ready to see all you can do with this birds eye view of your people? We're ready to show you!

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