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Understanding our science is simple; we believe that providing tools to help members better understand themselves accelerates the process of unlocking their untapped potential.

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LeggUP LABS (Learning and Behavioral Science) is the research and development arm of LeggUP. They are the think-tank and heavy lifters that put organization behavioral science into a beautiful member experience with proven results.

Working in an agile frame work, they constantly analyze data to create faster, more impactful outcomes for our members. Their team operates by three pillars which shape every product they produce.

LeggUP LABS Pillars

Impactful Member
Excellence in Organization
Behavioral  Research

Evidence-Based Programs

Evidenced-based coaching is a methodology built on our ecosystem developed by LeggUP LABS (Learning and Behavioral Science). Our organizational behavioral scientists created a process that focuses on the individual and where they are and pairs them with a career health partner to uncover their untapped potential. While other methods focus on the process, LeggUP focuses on the personal.

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Every engagement requires an honest self-assessment of a member’s career health competencies. Through this, members gain instant insight on their strengths and potential blindspots. The cornerstone assessment at LeggUP is the Career Pulse assessment. It is designed by our PhDs to measure productivity and wellbeing as a baseline for development.

As a part of our coach matching algorithm, members also complete a Learning Style assessment crafted to provide an instant, deeper connection with a coach and thus high-impact sessions.

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Career Health Partner

Each Career Health partner on LeggUP is an ICF-certified career coach with demonstrated results and personally vetted by our internal evaluation team. Each coach has been fully trained on our process and assessments.

Coaching is only truly effective when the member fully trusts the confidentiality of every session. Career Health partners are bound to strict code of ethics that require absolute privacy. Individual member assessment results are never shared with employers. Companies are only privy to aggregated data that is delivered blind so an individual is never singled out in reports or dashboards. Member privacy is paramount in every detail of the LeggUP ecosystem.

Vetted by internal evaluation team
Fully trained coaches

Self-Directed Growth

Coaching requires an active participation by the member to truly rewire the brain. For every session there is a workbook designed to provide thought provoking questions to better prepare for each session. It further provides a baseline for the discussion whether or not the member is well versed in the topic or not.

After each session, members can regularly refer to the action steps created to provide the additional accountability needed for the brain’s rewiring process.

Evidence-Based Recommendations

This life-long learning philosophy transcends not just the workplace but crafts a more engaged and fulfilled individual who is vastly more resilient to adapt to our ever changing environment.

Measure Impact

By comparing a member’s before and after assessment results, individuals have immediate feedback on how they have changed throughout their program. The satisfaction from seeing growth inspires the virtue of continuous personal development.

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