Mental Health is...

Real. Essential. Important.

While the stigma around mental health is slowly shattering, there are many barriers left to break down, including in the workplace. In partnership with LifeWorks, we are helping companies of all sizes prioritize employee mental health and wellbeing with AbilitiCBT.

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Mental Wellbeing in the Palm of Your Hands

AbilitiCBT is a groundbreaking Telehealth platform delivering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) skills through client-paced modules. But what is CBT, you ask?

CBT is a common and effective evidence-based mental health treatment that helps people develop awareness of unhelpful or inaccurate thinking patterns to create a shift in emotions and the way they respond to the world around them. Through a series of clinically-validated exercises, individuals will learn to challenge these thoughts and respond in a more effective and healthy manner.

AbilitiCBT couples CBT methodologies with virtual delivery, making mental health treatment accessible to all, anytime, anywhere.

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Proven to Help People Feel Better

One in five people in the U.S. live with some form of mental illness. AbilitiCBT helps people facing a wide range of issues including: 

Pain Management
Anxiety Related to Covid-19
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How AbilitiCBT Works

1. Download the App

In-person therapy can be inconvenient and costly. But with AbilitiCBT it's incredibly effective care in the palm of your hands, for a fraction of the cost. It's help when you need it, where you need it. Simply download the app to get started!

2. Health Screening

While AbilitiCBT is one of the few evidence-based therapeutic treatments, it's not for people with debilitating mental health issues. To make sure your people are a proper fit, they'll complete an online questionnaire and connect with a professional therapist by phone or video for a health assessment.

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3. Connect with a Therapist

After the assessment, our technology connects members to a licensed therapist in their state. The two will be able to communicate within the AbilitiCBT app via instant messaging or phone, when necessary, wherever, whenever is most convenient for them.

4. Start Self-Guided Modules

Individuals move through 10 structured modules at their own pace with guidance and support from their therapist. Each module includes articles, videos, and activities to help the participant learn, develop, and practice new thought and behavior patterns. On average, participants complete their program in 10 weeks.

Experienced Therapists Who Care

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Not Another On-Demand Therapy Service

Yes, AbilitiCBT is an on-demand therapy service, granting your people care wherever and whenever they need it. But this is more than texting a therapist. It's clinical care leading to genuine transformation improving their quality of life. It's time to help your people thrive, not just survive.

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Break Down Barriers

Reach out to see how you can offer your people AbilitiCBT as part of a coaching package or on its own. We're standing by!
Prioritize Mental Health