The LeggUP Experience

Whether your organization needs help avoiding burnout, empowering new managers, or retaining top talent, there’s no question your people are looking to YOU for workplace transformation. Luckily, when you add LeggUP as an employee benefit, you'll have a single solution for your company's intellectual wellbeing.

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LeggUP Career Pulse Assessment in mobile app

Proprietary Assessments

Created by our in-house team of organizational and behavioral psychologists, our Career Pulse Assessment measures 12 dimensions within Productivity and Wellbeing. These measurements, combined with your company's short and long-term objectives, form the foundation of our coaching.

Coaches will also review their members' Career Pulse Assessment before their first session, using it as a launching pad for success.

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Personalized Programs

Select from LeggUP's library of 40+ hyper-relevant and
high-impact development topics

Select one theme for each session or dive deeper by selecting the same topic for multiple sessions

Enterprises can assign specific topics to employees while still providing employee choice for added buy-in

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Coach Matching

Your company has access to our entire network of certified professional coaches. But who has time to search through a list? Based on your people's assessments, our intelligent machine learning technology matches them to the top 3 coaches best-suited for them.

And with an overall 4.8/5 coach rating, we're confident in both our technology and coaches!

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Schedule 50-Min Sessions

Schedule one or all of your sessions directly in our app or on our platform. Rescheduling is just as easy! Members and coaches can also communicate in between sessions with our chat feature to share additional feedback, advice, or resources in-between sessions.

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Self-Directed Growth

Created and curated by LeggUP LABS, each session is accompanied with a bite-sized workbook designed to get you in the right mindset before meeting with your coach.

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Virtual 1:1 Coaching

Your coaching sessions, lasting 50-minutes, will quickly become your favorite meeting. They'll actively listen to you, ask open-ended questions to help you get to the root of things, and provide an action-plan to help face your challenges head on.


Measurable Results

Members re-take their Career Pulse Assessment at the end of the program, offering a unique opportunity for self-reflection.

As an HR or people leader, you'll also receive access to our People Analytics dashboard where you can see real-time change in your people analytics, based on our 12 dimensions of productivity and wellbeing. It's be a 360-view of your organization like you’ve never seen before.

Explore our Unrivaled People Analytics
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Privacy by Design

We're believers in external coaches for one BIG reason, privacy! All conversations between members and coaches are completely confidential so your people feel comfortable opening up from their first hello.

Member Testimonials

This was an amazing experience! I really got SO much out of this and think literally EVERYONE should get this opportunity. I gained so much more self-awareness and perspective, as well as how to better utilize some critical thinking skills that needed to be dusted off.

Brennan W.

LeggUP has helped me bring a better version of myself to home and work, and for that I am very grateful!

Jeff S.

I feel I received many valuable tools to improve not only my managerial skills but also my emotional intelligence, and I’m happy because of that!

Noah P.

My coach helped me establish a ‘why’ something is happening and a ‘how’ to make it better.

Caleb C.

I felt heard as I shared my point of view & comfortable opening up to my coach concerning my skills, challenges, and hopes within my company and beyond.

Maurissa T.

My coach didn’t give me solutions— he helped me find them on my own which is helpful as I continue to grow as a leader.

Sarah M.

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Personalized Member Experiences

Professional development opportunities will never be a concern when you offer LeggUP as an employee benefit. Whether you and your people need support in productivity, wellbeing, or both, we have you covered.

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