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LeggUP’s network of professional coaches help your people feel good and function well. The results? A high-performing workforce who are mentally, emotionally, and physically capable of tackling whatever comes their way— at home or in the workplace.

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Our Certified Professional Coach Network

Coaching serves as a multifaceted tool to improve the lives of individuals across a broad spectrum of needs, helping people improve their self-awareness, clarify their goals for development, enhance workplace skills, and reach greater potential. We also know that when people are equipped with the tools and coping mechanisms needed for the ever-changing work environment, they are more resilient and adaptable, can better manage their emotions, and are more likely to overcome challenges that appear in their paths. Coaching is the intersection of productivity, wellbeing, and developmental growth.

Through a thought-provoking and creative process, LeggUP coaches will help your people analyze their current state, identify barriers to success, develop a plan to enhance their strengths, and create customized action steps designed to initiate growth.

Masters at Aligning Personal
& Organizational Goals

Our Enterprise Briefs, created by your Customer Success Manager, ensures all the coaches who work with your employees have a deep understanding of organizational goals. As part of our coach onboarding, we train our coaches how to properly read the enterprise briefs and incorporate them into their overall coaching programs.

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What’s the Difference Between Intellectual Wellbeing & Therapy?

In today’s world, there are a vast array of resources and services available to assist with tackling any number of life circumstances, from health and wellness to achieving a higher level of skills, abilities, and goal attainment. In the realm of wellbeing, two services often discussed are mental health therapy and intellectual or performance coaching.

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Diversity in Coaching

Every year, the team behind LeggUP LABS conducts a Diversity in Coaching survey in an effort to better understand the demographics of the coaching industry. As the professional coaching industry continues to evolve and grow, it is important to understand the diversity and inclusivity within the industry. Our annual report provides the knowledge of where we are today as a field and the areas in which we need to focus to create a more diverse and inclusive coaching network.

Download our Diversity in Coaching 2021 Report
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Privacy Matters

We're believers in external coaches for one BIG reason, privacy! All conversations between members and coaches are completely confidential so your people feel comfortable opening up from their first hello.

To protect member privacy, HR or other organizational leaders should not ask members for details surrounding their coaching conversations but rather refer to aggregated feedback data in the People Analytics dashboard.

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The Fastest Growing Mental Health Network 
in the US

The American Psychological Association estimates there are only 34 licensed psychologists per 100,000 people in the United States, and over 115 million Americans live in an area with a shortage of licensed therapists. For employees and employers alike,  mental health care has long been stigmatized, cost prohibitive, and extremely difficult to access. But as we all see mental health barriers beginning to break down, it’s time for a truly tectonic shift.

In partnership with LifeWorks and licensed therapists in every state, LeggUP is proud to offer clients access to AbilitCBT, a groundbreaking Telehealth platform delivering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) skills through client-paced modules. Now the fastest growing mental health network in the US, we have licensed therapists in every U.S. state choosing to join the platform for its science-backed methodology, ease of client accessibility, and proven results.

To become a therapist on our platform, therapists must be fully licensed through their state board with the ability to provide mental health counseling without supervision, have 3+ years post-Master’s/Doctorate direct-care experience, and be trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. All therapists must also complete a thorough interview process before being selected to join our network.

Experienced Therapists Who Care

All of our experienced therapists are trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT as it’s commonly referred. CBT is a frequently utilized, evidence-based mental health treatment helping individuals develop awareness of unhelpful or inaccurate patterns of thinking to create a shift in emotion and the way they respond to the world around them.

In addition to this training, our therapists are specialists in the following areas:





Pain Management

Struggling with Company Culture?

Coaching is one of the best, if not the best, methods for learning, development, and building high-performing individuals and teams. But it only works if your office supports a high-impact coaching culture.

Join LeggUP’s co-founder, Tom Finn, and Harvard psychologist, best-selling author, and executive coach Jeff Hull, Ph.D. for an actionable discussion on the benefits of creating a coaching culture, specific strategies to tackle internal pediments to coaching, and how to foster a coaching culture through Clarity, Capabilities, and Support.

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Create a High-Impact Coaching Culture in 3 Steps