We Build Adaptable Workforces

We live in a world of rapid change and massive workforce disruption. To succeed, companies need adaptability at every level, from your PIPs to your MVPs.

We build adaptable workforces in 3 ways: data-driven science, personalized coaching, and your people analytics. And we offer it all in a single platform packaged as an employee benefit.

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73% Growth in
Emotional Health
66% Increase in
Ability to Avoid Burnout
62% Improvement in
Building Relationships

Start Benefiting From Talent Insurance™

Talent Insurance from LeggUP is the first professional coaching platform offered to your organization for a fixed monthly rate.

Our coaching focuses heavily on Wellbeing and its positive correlation to Productivity. Why? Our science shows when we focus on Psychological Wellbeing, we can reduce common negative effects of work including stress, burnout, disengagement, and turnover.

It's extremely effective coaching for your soon-to-be extremely adaptable workforce.

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What You Get

What Your People Get

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I honestly felt there was a lot of self-discovery, support, and encouragement throughout the process, and this coaching experience far surpassed any experience I expected to have. I am thankful my employer provided me this opportunity for self-exploration and growth, and I believe I am better for having gone through the process.

LeggUP Member

Meaningful Impact

I’m so proud of the fact that we’ve had participation. And not just participation, but excitement! For me, we try so many things and when you see something stick and you see it have a meaningful impact on these leaders, it’s so significant to us. I was so taken back by the benefit of LeggUP.

Corky C.
LeggUP Member

True Development

My coach didn't give me solutions- he helped me find them on my own which is helpful to me as I continue to grow as a leader.

LeggUP Member

Valuable Experience

I absolutely loved and valued my time in coaching through the LeggUp program. The program is really tailored to each person, individually, and whether you are there for personal or professional development you will find it valuable and grow from the experience.

LeggUP Member

Turnkey Coaching Platform

The LeggUP platform is very easy to use, the assessment process was very insightful and it is easy to customize the program to fit each team member's needs.

Director of HR

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Coaching that Starts with Science

LeggUP LABS, our in-house team of organizational and behavioral scientists, created our Career Pulse Assessment designed to measure 12 dimensions within Productivity and Wellbeing. These results help your people become more self-aware while providing the organization a baseline for development and ROI insights.

These 12 measurements, along with your organization's short and long-term objectives, form the foundation of our coaching.

Learn More About Our Assessment  

Coaching with Proven ROI

Gone are the days of guessing if your wellness initiatives are working. With LeggUP, measurable ROI insights are built into our platform.

In your leadership dashboard, you’ll not only be able to track your people's progress, but see real-time change in your People Analytics, based on our 12 dimensions of Productivity and Wellbeing. It will be a 360-view of your organization like you’ve never seen before while providing actual ROI insights so you can make coaching a true employee benefit year after year.

The Wellbeing section of the LeggUP leadership dashboard for large group employers
Track Team Utilization Data
Drive Employee Transformation
Scale Across the Organization
See More Dashboard Insights
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Increase Engagement
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Support Remote Workers
Create a Coaching Culture
Build Resilience
Better Navigate Change

Why Adaptability Matters

When life and work throw curveballs, our members have the necessary skills to maintain composure, reassess priorities, and set proper goals to keep them on an upward trajectory. But unlike other wellness solutions, we can prove it.

After 3-4 months of LeggUP coaching, our members see up to a:

  • 54% Improvement in Leadership & Empowerment Skills
  • 63% Improvement in Ability to Set SMART Goals and Values
  • 73% Improvement in Overall Job Satisfaction
  • 62% Growth in Building Better Work Relationships

The LeggUP Experience

You and your teams experience a highly-personalized coaching program including:

Simple Admin Setup
Insightful Assessments
Custom Coaching Clouds
Intelligent Coach Matching
Diverse Coach Network
40 Coaching Topics
Self-Guided Workbooks
Real-Time Analytics
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Success Simplified.

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