Unlock Potential

We have the greatest job in the world in that we help people achieve their goals both personally and professionally.

Picture of LeggUP Co-founders, Tom Finn and Viktor Bullain

Why We Founded LeggUP

As two people denied professional coaching at pivotal points in our professions, we understand the missed opportunity for ourselves and eventually, for our companies. That's why we designed LeggUP to be a true employee benefit.

Our mission is to help people feel heard, find purpose in their work, and feel empowered to take hold of their careers. We also want to make it feasible for organizations of all sizes to support their people, personally and professionally, so they never want to leave.

Viktor Bullain & Tom Finn, Co-Founders

Let's Get Back to People & Culture

We help organizations get back to what matters most, their people and culture. In a world of massive workforce disruption and rapid change, high-performers are looking to their employers for professional and personal support. Our coaching, with its unique focus on enhancing wellbeing to drive performance, supports people wherever they need it most while fostering a strong coaching culture.

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Our Values

Picture showing and defining company values: innovation, commitment, passion, excellence, collaboration, and integrity

Our passion is people. Our mission is their success.

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