Rewire for Success

Lasting improvements to career health can only come from the continuous application of purposeful actions in an engaging member experience.

The accountability that comes from one-on-one, personal engagements with a career health provider is the number one way to rewire the brain and drive results.

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Experience Accountability

The one size fits all mentality of self-help books and conferences does not fit the Future of Work. Studies show 90% of information presented in legacy development solutions is forgotten after just six days. Our member experience is designed to create transformation through our science-backed process that rewires the brain, delivering real results.

LeggUP is Different.

Our collaborative process with your career health keeps you accountable to the action steps created together. This provides better retention of the information because the memory is not only stronger, but the daily application results in new habit patterns and sustainable change.

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Things We Help With

LeggUP delivers an unmatched level of personalization to every member. Our beautifully designed, user friendly system guides you all the way from the invitaiton through scheduling your first live, one-on-one session with a career health provider choosen from our matching algorithm.

Personalized Member Experiences

Whether experiencing LeggUP through an employee benefit or an individual subscription, we guide members through every step of our data-driven process.
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Our PhD-designed assessments are structured to measure the career health of employees to uncover their strengths and potential blindspots by analyzing productivity and wellbeing compentencies.


Personalized Programs

Select from a library of 40 high-impact career health topics

Select unique topics for each session or dive deeper by choosing one topic for multiple sessions

Enterprises can lock in specific topics while still providing employee choice for added buyin


Provider Matching

Our career health provider matching algorithm analyzes their profile data and assessment results to increase the effectiveness of each session by building instant trust and rapport with the provider. This results in more impactful sessions that drives sustainable change.



Scheduling is simplifed with LeggUP by syncing the provider’s calendar into our platform so members can always find a time that fits their life.


Career Coaching

The science of LeggUP is designed to improve a member’s career health by assessing their current situation, listening to their goals, creating action steps and allowing the provider to be the key accountabiltiy factor which rewires the brain for change.


Self-Directed Growth

Every career health topic includes a downloadable resource to educate the member on the subject as well as provide thought provoking questions to prepare for each session. This creates a more impactful engagement that is driven by the member’s goals and desires and bridges the growth from session to session.


Measurable Results

A final assessment at the end of the program offers the opportunity for reflection on progress through the program and a detailed report on the changes each member has made from start to finish.


Career Health.

Positively impacting career health is the most impactful decision one can make towards finding fulfillment and satisfaction in all apsects of their life.

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