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Whether your people need help avoiding burnout, building better work relationships, or developing leadership skills, there’s no question your people are looking to YOU for workplace transformation. But what if we told you there was a single solution capable of helping ALL your people? And better yet, we can offer it as a fully insured, self-insured, or voluntary benefit.

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Not Another Wellness Program

LeggUP is the first proactive employee benefit, building adaptable workforces through scalable, personalized professional coaching. In a world of massive workforce disruption, adaptability allows your people to effectively manage change, build resilience, and improve performance.

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Coach Matching
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In-App Scheduling
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Measureable Results

Rewire for Change

We have coaching down to a science thanks to LeggUP LABS, our phenomenal team of organizational and behavioral psychologists.

Each coaching engagement begins with member's taking our Career Pulse Assessment, created by LeggUP LABS, to measure 12 dimensions within Productivity and Wellbeing. With their results in hand, your people will have a stronger understanding of their current strengths and areas of opportunity allowing them to focus their development efforts by selecting relevant session topics.

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Personalized Coaching Programs

Include LeggUP in your open enrollment strategy with our one-size-fits-one solution available to your entire organization for a wallet-friendly cost. Members personalize their coaching experience by building their own program from our library of Wellbeing and Productivity topics.

For carve-out programs, you and your people can pick and choose from our topics to drive both personal growth and organizational goals.

Diverse Coach Network

When members sign up for LeggUP, they receive instant access to our network of certified professional coaches. And with intelligent coach matching, they'll never have to waste time scrolling through an endless list of profiles.

Our certified coaches live in 20 countries and speak 10 languages.

A 360-view of your organization you can't get anywhere else.

Unrivaled People Analytics

The LeggUP leadership dashboard provides you unparalleled access to track your peoples’ progress and measure the growth of your teams and organization.

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Privacy by Design

We're believers in external coaches for one BIG reason, privacy! All conversations between members and coaches are completely confidential so your people feel comfortable opening up from their first hello.

LeggUP as a Voluntary Benefit

Low-Cost Coverage
Payroll Deductions
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End-to-End Integrated Platform
Employer Contribution Options
People Analytics

We call it Success Simplifed.

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