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Finding Fulfillment

Have you ever actually taken the time to visualize what career success might look like for you? Is it a certain salary, title or flexibility? Or is it deeper than all the tangible things? Success looks different for everyone, but the commonality seems to be fulfillment. Fulfillment is what drives you to become better. Fulfillment is what puts a smile on our face every morning. Fulfillment is possible in whatever you do, and coaching helps you find it.

For many, it’s hard to even imagine a position where you are excited to work every day, but it really is possible. Is everyday going to be perfect? Of course not, but when you truly find happiness in your career, its power gives you the energy to continue to grow.

Finding Meaning

LeggUP was started to help individuals find meaning in what they do. It was the recognition that people are overworked and resultingly over stressed. Stress is the result of that gap between what you are being asked to do and what you are able to do. Can you think of a moment when this last statement applied to you? Over time, stress can even manifest itself into health concerns, which further exacerbates the problem. Learning to reduce stress in healthy ways allows you to manage complexity, build resilience, and navigate change. This learning agility mindset is what will allow you to thrive in the Future of Work.

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Coaching is Transformative

Coaching is a transformative process where an individual works with their development partner to build a plan towards how they define success. Coaches ask the powerful questions we all need to hear sometimes to get to the other side. Moreover, they provide the accountability to ensure the plan you create together stays on track.

Sustainable Solutions

While there are innumerable options available that claim to be stress reducers, many of them have a finite duration and do not provide sustainable solutions. Coaching provides a different approach that seeks to develop attitude and behavioral changes that survive even after the initial engagement is complete. Most find that the results are so effective, they continue to return for more development as new challenges arise.

LeggUP provides a long-term resource, for all career levels, whether you are in a cubicle or the boardroom. There is a reason why so many executives continue to rely on coaching. LeggUP makes that same network of world-class coaches available so everyone can find their own career success.

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