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Today’s mental health crisis demands swift action and LeggUP is passionate about recruiting top mental health practioners that can deliver meaningful change across North America.

Our Diversity Goals

LeggUP is building the premiere network of mental health providers in the world. Our network must represent our customers, and as such we are recruiting the best providers with diversity in culture, thought, background and ideology.

Best-in-Class Product Meets Best-in-Class Network

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One in five North Americans will experience a mental illness in any given year. For individuals, this can mean trouble concentrating at work, feeling helpless and alone, or needing to take time off. Enter AbilitiCBT from Morneau Shepell.

LeggUP’s world-class provider technology and training streamlines patient support with exceptional care. Our provider network spans all backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. Our focus is on building North America’s most talented and diverse mental health network.

Through our strategic partnership with Morneau Shepell, we connect a diverse group of  top mental health professionals with cutting edge technology platforms to deliver mental health solutions to individuals in need.

Morneau Shepell’s AbilitiCBT, an internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy solution, is guided by a professional therapist through a digital platform, accessible anywhere, and is shown to reduce the barriers to accessing care.

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What is AbilitiCBT?

Morneau Shepell’s AbilitiCBT program combines the convenience of virtual access with the same benefits of in-person therapy to provide meaningful mental health support to people struggling with:

Pain Management
Anxiety related to covid-19
Anxiety / Depression

You Can Help

For too long, the stigma of reaching out for support has hindered individuals from taking the first step. As world events and ever-increasing uncertainty seem to never peak, it is vital we break down walls and provide easier access to meaningful support. We believe no individual should be left on their own to struggle in isolation.

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Certification and Experience Requirements

We are looking for talented mental health providers who are passionate about removing the barriers that inhibit individuals from seeking the help they need.

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Are you currently a licensed and registered social worker, psychologist, psychotherapist or counselor?
Do you have 3+ years post-master’s experience?
Do you have any formal CBT training?
Do you have excellent written communication skills, confidence with technology, and a sound understanding of computer-mediated therapy?
Spanish-speaking fluency is an asset
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How You Benefit

Be a part of the movement to change mental health of employees across the globe.

Onboarding Process

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New Clients

We are currently seeking a diverse network of mental health providers in all 50 U.S. States.

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