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With the cost of healthcare benefits on the rise, many wonder how professional development might still fit into an employee benefits package.

However, employers still struggle with modernizing their workforce in areas such as diversity, equity and inclusion, all while making sure their employees become better agile learners.

LeggUP provides personalized solutions to address any challenge whether that company is 10 or 10,000 employees strong.

Taking a Holistic View on Benefits

The primary issue, year over year, HR faces is the rising costs to provide a competitive benefits package that retains top talent and recruits up and coming stars. Employees have also expressed the heightened desire for a better work-life integration to reduce stress and improve family dynamics, which makes superior coverage for their dependents all the more vital. With that refocus, employers must look at the holistic view and that recognize reducing stress has a direct impact on decreasing healthcare costs. It is therefore imperative employers find benefits that promote an overall healthier lifestyle to match their employees’ needs.

Healthier Work/Life Balance

Offering career health programs as a voluntary or employer-paid benefit, supports a workforce two-fold. First, providing coaching demonstrates an employer’s commitment to supporting employees’ professional development. Second, coaching, when delivered as a highly personalized experience, yields long-term benefits such as reducing stress and increasing productivity. The employee becomes more satisfied and fulfilled in their role, which in turn leads to a healthier work-life integration.

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Sustainable Solutions for the Future of Work

In the Future of Work, we are likely to see a dramatic increase in remote work. It will therefore be incumbent upon employers to find new ways to increase employee engagement, even when they are displaced from the traditional office setting. Coaching from LeggUP fits a company’s needs and that of evolving employees. LeggUP is a scalable and sustainable professional development solution that gives employees live 1-on-1 career coaching that can be conducted regardless of where they are in the world. With highly experienced coaches in countries all over the globe, employees will always be able to find a time to meet with their development partner.

Unlock Untapped Potential

To prepare for the rapidly changing corporate environment, employers must adopt proven solutions that don’t become an outdated fad. Coaching has yielded high returns on investment for decades because it fosters timeless concepts that unlock employee’s untapped potential. The same old training course and seminars are quickly are losing their efficacy. Coaching’s core principles create lasting results. With healthcare benefits costs on the rise, deliver the best company benefits that support a new work reality and develop employees in a manner that exponentially grows a business.
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