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Career Health is the holistic measure of the productivity and wellbeing of employees. Optimal career health unlocks human potential.

Career Health as an Employee Benefit

As individual practitioners and business owners, it can be harder to gain access to large companies. LeggUP’s employee benefits model delivers enterprise clients from around the globe with no cost to you. Through a fully integrated platform, including curriculum, assessments, scheduling and billing, you will spend less time on administration and more time doing what you love: coaching!

A Powerful Learning Experience for the Now of Work

The LeggUP platform offers a virtual coaching experience that provides an exceptional way to connect, engage, and grow. Our world-class technology ensures there is nothing to stop you from becoming more relevant and impactful in helping people successfully navigate an ever-changing world.

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What LeggUP Does for You

More Exposure

Increase your access to more coaching prospects than ever before in the lively, fully global LeggUP community. Add  top organizations in every market to your resume.

Comprehesive Assessments

Fall in love with our beautiful and easy to administer evidence-based Career Pulse assessment. Focusing on employee productivity and wellbeing, it allows our clients to transform their cultures by improving their employees’ career health. We provide full training in the assessment and debrief best practices.

Faster Payments

With integrated bookkeeping, streamlined invoices and year-end tax statements, you can say goodbye to chasing customers. Industry leading safe & secure banking practices protect your data.

Self-Directed Growth Resources

We provide you and our members all the downloadable support materials to deliver an impactful session for every one of our career health topics.

Lifelong Learner

LeggUP delivers regular training on our systems and science so you are always at the cutting edge of the latest trends.

Fully Integrated Software Solution

LeggUP reduces your workload with integrated scheduling and billing tools to free up time on your calendar.

Certification and Experience Requirements

We pride ourselves on the caliber of our career health providers. Prospective coaches must display a demonstrably rich background in business and coaching. All coaches must have an ICF (International Coaching Federation) or EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) accreditation, or IAC (International Academy of Coaching) certification to be considered to join our community of world-class coaches.

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Our Vision

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Unlock the World’s Potential

We partner with enterprises from across the globe to help employees find their passion and engage in meaningful work through our science, specifically designed to improve their career health by unlocking untapped potential. Employers have a variety of options to fund programs and individuals may sign up if their organization does not yet offer LeggUP as a benefit.

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Team and Group Coaching

We offer opportunities for team and group coaching as a natural progression of your individual coaching practice. Build your team and group coaching competencies, and help team members make full, coordinated use of collective resources in building relationships, communicating, and achieving concrete results. Learn about LeggUP’s integrative approach to teams, team assessments, and how to unleash the power of diversity.

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