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Growth and Success

Partner with LeggUP and offer benefits that are meaningful right now and provide your organization the needed support in delivering personalized and team-based learning experiences that develop sustained capabilities and skill sets relevant to the organization’s and the employees’ continued growth and success.

Evidence-Based Career Coaching

Our employee benefit model enables companies of any size — from 10 to 100,000 — to offer evidence-based career coaching that improves productivity and wellbeing as a meaningful benefit that truly transforms people and creates exceptional employee experiences.

About 40% of employees rank professional development under their top three in “best company benefits,” which Unum says recognizes employees' desires to "learn and grow in their careers."

Meanwhile, according to Kaplan Financial and recent research by SHRM, employers who offer professional development also benefit with increased retention, easier succession planning and greater efficiency. With the effects or highly dynamic markets and global crises, now more than ever is the time to take employee development initiatives "off hold.” And, by stepping into action, organizations saw a reduction in employee stress and improvement on their overall wellbeing of 88 percent.

Person is overhelmed by work-life balancing

Work-Life Balance

Furthermore, organizations with a focus on improving the work-life balance for their staff and helping to promote strong mental health are those that will be best positioned to attract and retain the top performers in their field.

Given the rapid changes in the nature of work and constantly adding demands and pressures on compensation strategies, incentives and benefits, consider this moment (and not just in context of the current global crisis) an opportunity for bold action that represents a significant decision to put the human element front and center in your selection of best company benefits to have the desired impact. Now is your opportunity to close the ‘say/do’ gap between the values your company may be expressing publicly and the impact those values could have on real behavior and an intentionally developed company culture.

Real Change for the Future of Work

Real change requires reinventing compensation and benefits for a world of changing jobs, work, skills, expectations and values. It also requires real actions! As a first step, consider aligning your compensation and benefits to the future of work

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