Personalized Leadership Development

Most great leaders are made, not born. Today’s top-rated organizations offer personalized professional development programs, allowing green and established managers alike to develop new sets of behaviors instrumental in achieving and leading desired levels of performance.

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Strong leadership and a positive culture are two of the most fundamental factors driving an organization’s people development. While strong technical skills often result in a promotion, soft skills transform managers into leaders.

Through 1:1 personalized professional coaching, Talent Insurance® helps your high-performers, managers, and executives develop skills around hyper-relevant issues like handling difficult conversations, leading knowledge workers, and mastering the art of negotiation.

Empowering Today's Workforce with Talent Insurance

What Your Managers Get

A personalized leadership development plan

54% improvement in Leadership & Empowerment Skills

63% Improvement in Ability to set SMART Goals

73% Improvement in Communication Skills

39% Improvement in Building Trust

What Organizations Get

End-to-End Integrated Leadership Development Platform

Diverse Network of Certified Professional Coaches

Unrivaled People Analytics & ROI Tracking

Fixed Monthly Rate with Annual Rollover

Improved Organizational Wellbeing & Performance

See How It Works

HR Leaders Love Us

We started using Talent Insurance a few months ago, and our employees have found the platform to be user-friendly, and they value the empowerment of being able to select their own coach on their own schedule. We plan to utilize the data and insights provided by Talent Insurance to help us to make better data-driven decisions that will positively impact our business and our people’s development

Torrie Plata

Senior Director, Human Resources, Tarsus Pharmaceuticals

As a Managing Director, I am always looking for ways to advance our business, and Talent Insurance has been an invaluable tool for us. Focusing on professional and personal development is very important to us, and the platform has helped us identify new and creative areas to continue to strengthen our already stellar employee engagement and performance. Our employees are so appreciative of this company benefit and we believe that LeggUP will continue to be a key component of our HR strategy moving forward.

Eric Herbst

Managing Director, The Elliot Group

Talent Insurance has helped us to deliver our organizations development needs. The coaches are supremely experienced and incredibly effective at what they do. The growth of our managers leadership skills has been remarkable. We have seen outstanding results and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Ricky Tuner

Head of People, Future

LeggUP is an outstanding tool to deliver real results for coaching at all levels in the company. We piloted it in 2021 for high potentials and high-performers and it truly helped propel their careers. We have continued with this program for 2022 and people were thrilled to be selected to participate. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a way to retain top talent!

Julie Brown

VP Global HR, Doble Engineering

"We started this program to reduce burnout and retain executive directors, and no one has left! They are all still here and are still engaged...We are looking to expand LeggUP into other positions and grow the program across all our entities."

Corky Curtis

Learning & Development Director MBK Real Estate

"The LeggUP platform is very easy to use, the assessment process was very insightful and it is easy to customize the program to fit each team member's needs."

Andie Gordman

Director of HR HUB International

Who We Frequently Help

Emerging Leaders

With their Career Pulse Assessment insights in hand, green managers can tailor their coaching programs by focusing on development topics that either boost their strengths, develop their weaknesses, or both! With the help of their very own professional coach, your new managers will feel supported, and in turn, will develop the proper skills, habits, and behaviors to make a successful transition from “peer” to “boss.”

Middle Managers

Middle Managers, often called the forgotten-middle, are feeling the squeeze as they balance their careers and personal lives with no meaningful people development tools readily available for them. Talent Insurance, however, makes ongoing skill development with personalized programming an on-demand resource!

Executive Leadership

Leadership growth through one-on-one professional coaching is one of the strongest drivers for business performance. Capable of upleveling new executives and maturing experienced execs, Talent Insurance allows your entire C-Suite to match with the coach best suited for them rather than calling on one coach for the suite.

Improve 6 Dimensions of Productivity

Today’s thriving organizations have one thing in common— they prioritize the development of soft skills just as much as technical skills. With LeggUP’s Talent Insurance, your leaders will have a personalized, on-demand resource for developing 12 dimensions of Wellbeing and Productivity. Our Productivity Dimensions, often the focus of leadership coaching, help your people develop the skills, habits, and behaviors instrumental in achieving and leading desired levels of performance.

Leading & Empowering

In today’s VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous), leadership requires an innovative approach and skillset. Decisions are reached through collaboration and the leader is managing knowledge workers rather than directing them. Successful leaders are those who set clear goals and expectations and give their people the resources, support, and empowerment to complete work on their own. Leaders who motivate, stimulate, identify with, and give personal consideration to their employees see positive outcomes such as enhanced productivity and increased employee satisfaction.

Development Topics

Servant Leadership

Leading Knowledge Workers

Authentic Mentoring

See How We Measure Progress Across All Dimensions
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The key to creating trust, partnership, and mutual success amongst leaders and their teams is developing powerful and effective conversational rules. The basis of such communication is the ability to actively listen and demonstrate openness, curiosity, and genuine interest in others’ viewpoints in order to influence and gain buy-in when needed. Effective communication is also the precursor to other organizational outcomes such as performance and employee engagement.

Development Topics

Difficult Conversations

Conversational Intelligence

Uncovering Bias

See How We Measure Progress Across All Dimensions
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Building Trust

The most critical attribute to building relationships is the ability to build trust, allowing for positive work outcomes such as teamwork, conflict management, and confidence-building. Participating in developmental relationships, such as coaching, is a proven way to improve skills on the job while building a trusting relationship. By emphasizing the elements of trust and how to build trusting relationships, members can find themselves with a greater support network, have more satisfying relationships, and promote positive work outcomes.

Development Topics

Conflict Resolution

Building Authentic Relationships

Psychological Safety

See How We Measure Progress Across All Dimensions
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Setting Goals & Values

Setting clear goals, prioritizing action steps, maintaining focus, and making sound decisions that reflect one’s core values are paramount to achieving success. Goal setting and goal getting leads not only to achievement of the task at hand but increased self-efficacy for future, more challenging tasks, thus enhancing individual ability and organizational productivity.

Development Topics


SOAR Analysis

Design Thinking

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Regulating Emotions

Emotions impact our thinking and decision-making and ultimately, our behavior. While we may not be able to stop an emotion from arising, we can learn to stop the automatic behavior that often follows. The ability to step back and pause before responding not only allows for a more balanced response to one’s environment, but it can also prevent individuals from getting caught in the downward spiral of stress responses.

Development Topics

Emotional Triggers

Mastering Negotiation


See How We Measure Progress Across All Dimensions
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An important prerequisite for growth and change is the so-called growth mindset. People with a growth mindset believe that individuals are not born with a set level of ability; rather, skills can be developed and achieved through one’s own effort. This belief in one’s ability to succeed, known as self-efficacy, is an indicator for all kinds of achievement, including professional development. Self-efficacy also predicts performance across all job types.

Development Topics


Rewiring Habits

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

See How We Measure Progress Across All Dimensions
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Unprecedented Results

After 3-4 months of Talent Insurance, our members see up to a:


Improvement in Leadership Skills


Improvement in Avoiding Burnout


Improvement in Job Satisfaction


Improvement in Retention

Visual representation of LeggUP's NPS or Net promoter Score of 78 based on a scale of -100 to 100

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

visual representation of LeggUP's average coach-member rating of 4.8/5

Average Coach Rating

Case Study: Increasing Retention with Talent Insurance

MBK Senior Living

Japanese for “the good work,” Yoi Shigoti is MBK’s philosophy, symbolizing their commitment to the pursuit of good when it comes to caring for their residents. As a result, MBK’s rehospitalization rates are significantly lower than the national average.

But after averaging 7 COVID-19 protocol changes per 30 days, the leadership team was feeling burnt out, with many requesting extended stress leaves.

Looking for a truly effective solution, MBK offered Talent Insurance to their Executive Director team. After their first year, MBK’s annual turnover rate decreased from 44% to just 15% and 0 stress leaves!

View the Case Study

The Ripple Effect of Intellectual Wellness for Managers

Reduce Turnover

Strong, well-respected leaders are a key pull factor in attracting and retaining the best talent. LeggUP’s approach improves communication skills, builds trust, and implements a culture of learning (rather than telling) between managers and team members. As a result, direct reports and colleagues who frequently interact with the coachee will feel a sense of accountability and ownership over their projects and recognize their contribution to the organization. And when our people feel heard, valued, and respected by their managers, turnover diminishes.

group of 3 young employees casually working together (lifestyle photo)

Improve Team Performance

Clear communication of the organization’s vision and goals is vital to ensure all employees are aligned and working towards common outcomes. Rather than focusing on developing hard skills, LeggUP’s science-backed approach helps individuals develop soft skills, or sets of behaviors instrumental in achieving desired levels of performance like empowering communication, mastering focus, and authentic mentoring.

group of 4 employees working around a table together (lifestyle photo)

Enhance Team Wellbeing

Leaders who are approachable, authentic, and proactively engage with employees of all levels are more likely to engender trust. LeggUP’s approach helps organizational leaders set a positive example for their teams by effectively balancing work and leisure while maintaining positive relationships with colleagues, managing workplace-related stress, the safety of the workplace environment, and the climate of the worksite.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

No one in HR likes to waste money or resources! If, for any reason, your organization has unused coaching sessions at the end of your development program, you have one of two options. You may rollover the credits as part of your renewal contract or donate any unused sessions to the non-profit of your choice!

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