Employee Assessment and Productivity

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Improve Employee Engagement

Despite organizations’ increased spend to nearly a billion each year on solving the engagement gap, employee engagement remains at record lows, costing businesses $600 billion in productivity losses globally, according to Gartner. More specifically, of the $600 billion in productivity losses due to unengaged employees, $410 billion stems from ineffective managers.
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The Human Element

There are many reasons, and many of those are rooted in cultural misalignments. One common mistake, however, is thinking that simply providing employees with new digital tools and capabilities will inspire higher levels of engagement. While those tools are undoubtedly important, it’s crucial that business leaders don’t forget about the human aspects: how, for instance, every employee craves a holistic journey within their company.

The LeggUP Way

To that point, it’s important to identify blind spots in current employee skill sets, and to lay out a comprehensive development plan to improve or develop new competencies to fill those gaps. Upskilling your existing workforce using the LeggUP way can maximize productivity, increase employee engagement, reduce turnover, and ultimately improve customer experience.

Employee assessments and productivity metrics are critical in getting a snapshot of where your people are at with respect to both, overall wellbeing and productivity. LeggUP LABS has developed an assessment tool that is laser focused on these two competencies and provides easy reporting on improvements as a result of the LeggUP career coaching engagement.

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Take Charge of Employee Success

Identifying areas where employees need support in managing ongoing stress levels and getting a clear understanding of what a sustainable initiative to reduce the impact on these stressors would look like is a critical first step in moving from paralysis to action. Because, when it comes down to it, true productivity is easier said than done. Especially today, when employees are at high risks of burn out, the talent pool has run dry, and there’s a nagging feeling of: we’ve hit a plateau, and we’ve got to do something different to move forward.

We know the feeling—we’ve seen it time and time again, in nearly every industry, with companies small and large. Yet we also know what it’s like to feel not just busy, but productive; to be empowered to contribute at your highest level and to understand how your contributions impact your organization’s ability to execute on strategy and sustainably grow beyond the current crisis.

After all, that’s the potential of productivity. At LeggUP, we’re here to help make it a reality.

Is the Future of Work Remote?

As remote work opportunities continue to expand, companies need to start considering how to offer employees long-term support for working from home. Consider to partner with LeggUP for employee assessment and productivity reporting to create a baseline and develop a strategy that will set your company up to increase productivity of employees and a refocus on results even after employees return to the office.
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