LeggUP vs BetterUp: Why LeggUP Leads the Way in Employee Engagement, Productivity, and Wellbeing

As HR professionals, corporate leaders, and executives seek the best solutions to enhance employee engagement, communication, productivity, and overall wellbeing, two names often emerge—LeggUP and BetterUp. While both offer robust programs aimed at fostering a thriving workforce, there are distinct differences in their results and unique offerings that set LeggUP apart.

LeggUP’s Superior Results in Key Areas

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a critical metric for organizational success. Engaged employees are more likely to be productive, loyal, and contribute positively to the company culture. Organizations that have implemented LeggUP’s programs have witnessed a remarkable 59% increase in employee engagement. This is a testament to LeggUP’s tailored approach, which combines personalized coaching with actionable insights, ensuring that employees feel valued and connected to their workplace.

In contrast, BetterUp's programs have achieved a commendable, but comparatively lower, 42% increase in employee engagement. While this improvement is notable, it falls short of the results seen with LeggUP. The differentiator lies in the personalization and depth of LeggUP's coaching methods. Where BetterUp tends to offer more generalized coaching sessions, LeggUP's approach is more tailored to the individual needs of employees, providing a more significant, positive impact on their engagement levels. This personalized attention helps employees feel more understood and supported, ultimately leading to higher engagement and satisfaction.

Boosted Productivity

Productivity remains a top priority for businesses aiming for growth and efficiency. LeggUP’s programs are designed to identify and eliminate productivity barriers through scientifically-backed coaching techniques. As a result, companies using LeggUP have reported significant productivity gains, directly impacting their bottom line.

Employee Wellbeing and Avoiding Burnout

Wellbeing and burnout prevention are more critical than ever in the current work environment. LeggUP excels in providing comprehensive support for mental health and wellbeing. Their holistic approach ensures that employees receive the necessary resources and guidance to maintain a healthy work-life balance, thereby reducing the risk of burnout. This proactive stance contrasts with BetterUp, which, while offering similar services, does not match the depth and efficacy of LeggUP’s wellbeing programs.

The Unique Offering: Talent Insurance

One of the standout features that differentiate LeggUP from BetterUp is Talent Insurance. This innovative offering is scientifically designed to boost engagement, galvanize teams, and create a culture where people flourish. Here’s how it works: if an employee completes the LeggUP program and leaves voluntarily within a year, LeggUP will provide a replacement program to your organization at no extra cost. This guarantee not only underscores LeggUP’s confidence in their programs but also provides peace of mind to organizations investing in their employees’ development.

Case Studies and Testimonials

LeggUP’s transformative impact is best illustrated through real-world examples. Organizations that have partnered with LeggUP have reported a 63% improvement in leadership capabilities and a 44% boost in retention rates. These impressive statistics are further supported by detailed case studies available on LeggUP’s website. For instance, a notable case study highlights how a mid-sized tech company saw a dramatic increase in employee satisfaction and performance after implementing LeggUP’s programs. Such testimonials reinforce the tangible benefits of choosing LeggUP over BetterUp.

Explore our Case Studies

When comparing LeggUP and BetterUp...

It’s clear that LeggUP offers superior results across critical areas such as employee engagement, communication, productivity, and wellbeing. LeggUP’s unique Talent Insurance further solidifies its position as the better choice for organizations looking to invest in their workforce’s development. As HR professionals, corporate leaders, and business executives seek to drive their organizations forward, choosing LeggUP will ensure they are partnering with a provider that delivers measurable, impactful results.

For those ready to elevate their employee development strategies and foster a thriving workplace, the choice is clear. LeggUP stands as the trusted partner that guarantees success and sustainability in today’s competitive business environment.

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Viktor Bullain

Chief Product Officer

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