Competitor Comparisons
February 1, 2022

LeggUP Vs. BetterUp

LeggUP and BetterUp are digital professional coaching platforms for enterprise customers. But there are a few differentiators between us— and we believe what sets us apart, lifts you up, like: 

  • the ability to integrate organizational KPIs and culture into the coaching framework,
  • customizable coaching programs on the enterprise and individual level, 
  • one-on-one coaching sessions lasting 50-minutes, 
  • a guarantee to meet with the same professional coach each session,
  • discounted pricing for including all your employees, and
  • Talent Insurance (your people stay, or LeggUP pays)

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Differentiator Deep Dive

Data-Driven Science

LeggUP and BetterUp incorporate proprietary learning and behavioral science into their coaching methodologies including the use of people assessments, coach-member matching technology, and people analytics. 

LeggUP, however, developed the first instrument designed for the holistic measurement of both productivity and wellbeing in the workplace, including dimensions of leadership, satisfaction, and physical and mental health. This proprietary science is rooted in the biopsychosocial scientific model and designed as a professional development and preventative mental health solution, combining biological, psychological, and social factors to positively impact a person's overall health across 12 critical dimensions.   

LeggUP’s six Wellbeing dimensions, centered around biological and social factors, consist of two main components: feeling good and functioning well. By focusing on issues like stress reactivity, peer relationships, and emotional health, Talent Insurance helps employees develop skills, habits, and behaviors that reduce work-related triggers directly impacting their mental health.

LeggUP’s six Productivity dimensions, centered primarily around psychological factors, help individuals develop sets of behaviors instrumental in achieving desired levels of performance. For example, to communicate effectively, you must listen actively, make eye contact, understand and relate to what the other person is saying, and respond appropriately.

Learn More About LeggUP’s Proprietary Science

Coaching Experience

There are many critical differentiators for the employee experience when it comes to LeggUP and BetterUp’s coaching programs. Most notable is the ability to integrate organizational KPIS and culture into the coaching framework, customize coaching programs, and coach-member relationships. 

  • Integrate Organizational KPIs & Culture Into Framework:  Our team will capture your organizational objectives, your team's needs and challenges, and any context you'd like to include for coaches who work with your people.
  • Customizable Coaching Programs: LeggUP allows enterprises and employees to customize their coaching programs to meet organizational and individual needs. With employer-paid programs, LeggUP allows enterprises to select up to 3 or 6 mandatory coaching topics in a 6 or 12-session program. This allows for HR and organizational leaders to align programs to organizational goals or culture shifts while still allowing the employee the right to self-select topics based on personal goals. Based on our book of business, we’ve found this ensures maximum participation across your organization. 
  • Coach-Member Relationship: The downside to BetterUp’s on-demand booking capabilities is your employees may meet with a new professional coach each session, essentially nulling their coach-member matching technology during the onboarding process. With LeggUP, your employees will always meet with the same coach for every session, creating a true partnership for accountability, feedback, and ongoing development.

Learn More About Our Member Experience

LeggUP has a 78 NPS score (on a scale of -100 to 100) and an average 4.8/5 coach rating
With a 78 Net Promoter Score and a 4.8/5 coach rating from our members, we're confident in our science and global coaching network.

Company Philosophy

At LeggUP, we believe the power of professional coaching should move from an elite, executive-only experience to an inclusive, company-wide opportunity. When you offer the LeggUP Platform to all your people, we'll give you a 30% discount on your Talent Insurance program. 

We also believe in holding ourselves accountable to our partners. If any of your people resign within 90-days of completing their program, we’ll issue a Talent Insurance payment. Your people stay, or we pay! 

Jenna Murrell


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Competitor Comparisons

February 1, 2022

LeggUP Vs. BetterUp

What sets us apart, lifts you up!

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