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By focusing on Career Wellbeing of employees we can improve a companies Performance and Retention.

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Talent Insurance® from LeggUP® is an integrated performance and retention insurance offered as an employee benefit.

Employees stay, or we pay, is the unique feature of our policies. We reimburse employers up to one free program per employee in case of voluntary turnover.

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Why You Need Talent Insurance?

90% of Business Leaders

Lack Of Leadership Pipeline

The lack of leadership pipeline in businesses can lead to a significant impact on your ability to grow and succeed. Without a strong pipeline of leaders, companies struggle to fill key positions, develop new business strategies, and retain talented employees.

2/3 of Employees

Disengaged Employees

The high level of employee disengagement in the workplace is a cause for concern as it leads to decreased productivity, reduced job satisfaction, and increased turnover rates. Disengaged employees result in missed opportunities for innovation.

$1 Trillion Spent

High Turnover Costs

The $1 trillion cost of turnover in the US makes it clear that addressing the issue of employee retention should be a priority for companies looking to improve their bottom line.

Improve Performance

LeggUP’s Talent Insurance helps organizations develop adaptable workforces, so their people embrace change with elastic-like energy, their teams are resilient, and the company’s performance skyrockets. Our unique professional and mental health coaching accomplishes this in three ways: people analytics, data-driven science, and personalized coaching.

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Increase Retention

Every employee engagement begins and ends with our employee assessments, measuring 12 critical dimensions of Wellbeing and Productivity.

The LeggUP leadership dashboard tracks real-time growth within these dimensions, plus other important metrics like utilization, progress, and anonymous feedback.

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Reduce Cost

Our career topics and supplemental workbooks are created and curated by LeggUP LABS, our in-house team of Organizational and Behavioral Psychologists.

And with our intelligent coach matching technology, there are no more guessing games— your people are matched to the coach best suited for them within our diverse provider network.

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HR Leaders Love Us

We started using Talent Insurance a few months ago, and our employees have found the platform to be user-friendly, and they value the empowerment of being able to select their own coach on their own schedule. We plan to utilize the data and insights provided by Talent Insurance to help us to make better data-driven decisions that will positively impact our business and our people’s development

Torrie Plata

Senior Director, Human Resources, Tarsus Pharmaceuticals

As a Managing Director, I am always looking for ways to advance our business, and Talent Insurance has been an invaluable tool for us. Focusing on professional and personal development is very important to us, and the platform has helped us identify new and creative areas to continue to strengthen our already stellar employee engagement and performance. Our employees are so appreciative of this company benefit and we believe that LeggUP will continue to be a key component of our HR strategy moving forward.

Eric Herbst

Managing Director, The Elliot Group

Talent Insurance has helped us to deliver our organizations development needs. The coaches are supremely experienced and incredibly effective at what they do. The growth of our managers leadership skills has been remarkable. We have seen outstanding results and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Ricky Tuner

Head of People, Future

LeggUP is an outstanding tool to deliver real results for coaching at all levels in the company. We piloted it in 2021 for high potentials and high-performers and it truly helped propel their careers. We have continued with this program for 2022 and people were thrilled to be selected to participate. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a way to retain top talent!

Julie Brown

VP Global HR, Doble Engineering

"We started this program to reduce burnout and retain executive directors, and no one has left! They are all still here and are still engaged...We are looking to expand LeggUP into other positions and grow the program across all our entities."

Corky Curtis

Learning & Development Director MBK Real Estate

"The LeggUP platform is very easy to use, the assessment process was very insightful and it is easy to customize the program to fit each team member's needs."

Andie Gordman

Director of HR HUB International


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