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What do employees get on the platform?

The LeggUP Platform includes:

  • Proprietary Assessments: LeggUP’s Career Pulse Assessment measures 12 dimensions of Wellbeing and Productivity.
  • Monthly Group Coaching Webinars: A certified coach from LeggUP’s network leads a monthly webinar addressing important topics like Difficult Conversations, Conflict Resolution, and Management Training
  • People Analytics Dashboard: HR leaders receive access to LeggUP’s leadership dashboard for tracking utilization and aggregated team assessment results.
  • Self-directed Digital Learning Tools: LeggUP's library covers 40 professional development topics.
  • Access to discounted Talent Insurance coaching programs (employer- or employee-paid)

Talent Insurance can be added to a company’s LeggUP membership to offer professional one-on-one coaching to employees.

Talent Insurance includes:

  • All components of the LeggUP Platform
  • Live, virtual one-on-one coaching with a certified professional development coach
  • Learning Style Assessment and intelligent coach-matching

Employees Stay, or We Pay! If any employee resigns within 1 year of completing a Talent Insurance program, LeggUP reimburses up to 1 free replacement program per employee.

Can you show me a workbook?

Yes.  Contact your salesperson for a sample workbook.

Do you have multiple times for group coaching webinars?

Yes, 2x per month

Are webinars recorded?

No, we currently do not record group coaching sessions, due to confidentiality required in coaching sessions

Are webinars interactive?

Yes. Zoom webinars allow for chat, polls, and more.

How many people join webinars?

The number of participants varies. We can accommodate up to 1,000 members at any given time.

Do employees have to buy coaching programs on the platform?

No purchase of coaching programs required.

Can employees expense coaching programs?

Yes.  Employers can also choose to subsidize a portion of coaching programs purchased by employees. 

Do I get to know data about who is purchasing/using coaching programs outside of my employer-paid cohort?

Platform member utilization is not shown on the employer dashboard.  Your annual renewal report will contain utilization statistics about platform access.  

Can I purchase platform access for a portion of my organization?

No, platform access is an inclusive benefit for the entire organization. 

Do I need to pay a platform access fee for coaching participants?

Platform access is included in all employer-paid Talent Insurance program rates. 

Does the Talent Insurance retention guarantee apply to platform members?

Retention guarantee applies only to those who complete a coaching program with 6 sessions or more. 

Talent Insurance

Can I purchase a number of sessions that’s different from 3, 6, or 12?

Employer-paid coaching programs are available in packages of 3, 6, or 12.  Employees may pay for one session at a time in the LeggUP platform.

How long are coaching sessions?

Each coaching session is 50 minutes.

Does the same coach work with the employee for the whole program?

Yes, the coach partners with the employee for the entire duration of their program.  An employee may request a coach change if they prefer to switch.

Do you have coaches that match my specific preferences?

Our machine learning algorithm provides coach matches based on our proprietary science, which includes Learning Style Assessment and Career Pulse Assessment data.Coaches have a wide range of backgrounds and approaches:

Seniority Level (Executive coaches vs mid-level)
Working Mothers

Every coach profile includes industry and experience so that the employee can choose a coach with a background that matches their needs.  

Do I get to know the content of coaching sessions? What can coaches share with me?

Coaching sessions are 100% confidential; conversations will not be shared with employers. Coaches are trained to refer employees to their organization’s EAP or mental health support program if the conversation transcends the scope of coaching.

Can I share details about organizational goals or individual employee comments with your coaches?

Yes! We encourage you to share as much context as possible during your kickoff call, and provide any documentation or resources that will be helpful for coaches to refer to during their sessions.

What happens if an employee doesn’t like their coach?

97% of our members provide positive feedback about their coaches and are satisfied with their match.  In the event that the employee’s coach choice is not a fit, they may request a coach change.  Your Customer Success Manager will connect them with a coach who is better suited to their needs.

Can I give and take individual sessions between employees?

No.  Once the first session of a Talent Insurance program is used, all sessions are reserved for the assigned individual.  Employers may give away unused programs (no sessions completed) to others in the organization.  Single sessions may not be swapped between employees.

Do you offer group coaching?

Yes, we offer group coaching webinars to our platform members.  We also offer small group coaching for up to 6 participants per group.

Do you offer in-person coaching?

No.  Our coaching services are 100% virtual.

Can coaches train employees on topics related to my company’s specific needs?

Our coaches are experts in helping employees hone their skills in leadership, communication, professionalism.  Additionally, our coaches can help your employees adopt and practice your organizational processes. 

Coaches do not provide training on technical skills.    

Can you help me with KPIs outside of your assessment dimensions?

Absolutely! We regularly create programs to address retention, attendance, and performance metrics. We’ll establish benchmark measurements and goals at the beginning of your coaching program.

Are your coaches mental health professionals?

Our certified professional development coaches are not licensed mental health professionals.  While our coaches do provide support and techniques to address stress, burnout, relationships, and wellbeing—they are trained to recognize when the conversation is more suited for a licensed mental health professional and will refer employees to your organization’s resources.

What are your coaches going to have my people do?

I’m concerned your coaches might persuade my employees to leave, etc.

A coach will never instruct or recommend that an employee take a specific step in their career (this is against the ICF code of ethics).  The role of the coach is to empower the individual to do the internal work needed to make a decision in their own best interest.  For the majority of employees, this leads to changes in mindset and habits that increase job satisfaction and motivate them to become more engaged at work.  Some may determine that it's time to move on to something that is a better fit. 


What does implementation look like?

It just takes two phone calls! First, you’ll meet with your Customer Success Manager on an admin kickoff call to establish goals and discuss the details of your coaching program. Then, simply provide the contact information of your participating employees and your Customer Success Manager will walk them through the onboarding process during a Member Introduction Webinar. Most employers get everyone started within one week!

Do you have materials I can send to my employees?

Yes! Your LeggUP Customer Success Manager will provide rollout communication and resources to share with your people leading up to registration.

How are we billed?

You’ll be billed in monthly installments.  Payment is by ACH transfer; customers with monthly premiums under $2,500 can pay with a credit card.  

You’ll be billed for the full amount of employer-paid a-la-carte coaching programs on the following month’s invoice.   

Can I cancel anytime?

We require 60 days in writing notice for cancellations after your first contract year.

How do I manage adds and deletes?

Email your Customer Success Manager for any edits to your roster.  For deletes, simply provide the name of the employee.  For new employees, provide first name, last name, email address, and title.  Your Customer Success Manager will send them an invitation via email to join the platform.

What happens if someone quits/is terminated?

Email your Customer Success Manager the name of your terminated employee; they will remove the individual from our system.  

If the employee completed their coaching program within the past 90 days, you are eligible for our Talent Insurance reimbursement of up to $2500.

Unused On-Demand coaching programs that are assigned to terminated employees may be reassigned to another employee.