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NEWPORT BEACH, CA — LeggUP®, a professional coaching and wellbeing platform for enterprises, is reinvigorating employee benefits with their recent product launch, Talent Insurance™. Designed to build adaptable workforces, Talent Insurance offers all eligible employees 6 or 12 virtual one-on-one professional coaching sessions per plan year for a fixed monthly rate. 

Talent Insurance from LeggUP develops adaptable workforces in 3 ways: 

  1. Cutting-Edge Science: All coaching programs begin and end with LeggUP’s proprietary Career Pulse Assessment, created by in-house PhD’s, to measure 12 dimensions within Productivity and Wellbeing. These results help employees become more self-aware while providing the organization a baseline for development and ROI insights.
  1. Personalized Coaching: Companies and individuals can customize their coaching programs by selecting from LeggUP’s library of hyper-relevant and time-tested coaching topics. And for maximum impact with each conversation, members are matched to their best-suited coach based on machine learning technology.
  1. Unrivaled People Analytics: While all coaching sessions are completely private, the LeggUP leadership dashboard allows HR leaders to track employee utilization and progress while measuring organizational growth. It’s a 360-view into the health, wellness, and performance of a company.

“I’m so proud of the LeggUP team for finding a way to move the elite-executive experience of professional coaching to a scalable, company-wide benefit,” Tom Finn, CEO and Co-Founder of LeggUP said. “Our unique coaching method, in particular, really allows for employees to feel heard and valued while the organization sees measurable results in retention, engagement, and even decreased medical costs.” 

When life and work throw curveballs, Talent Insurance members have the necessary skills to maintain composure, reassess priorities, and set proper goals to keep them on an upward trajectory. After just 3 to 4 months of LeggUP coaching, employees see up to a:

  • 73% Growth in Positive Emotions
  • 66% Improvement in Avoiding Burnout
  • 63% Improvement in Relationship Building
  • 53% Improvement in Leadership & Empowerment Skills
  • 40% Improvement in Overall Job Satisfaction

Talent Insurance from LeggUP is now available to employers of all sizes with pricing options designed for small group, large group, national accounts and global enterprises. Voluntary benefits and carve-out options are also available. 

About LeggUP®

LeggUP is the first and only professional coaching and mental wellbeing platform packaged as an employee benefit. With access to their large network of certified coaches, science-backed assessments, hyper-relevant coaching topics, and people analytic dashboards, LeggUP helps organizations of all sizes improve and promote the productivity and wellbeing of their people. And for individuals who need additional mental health support for issues like anxiety, depression, and insomnia, LeggUP provides access to AbilitiCBT, a groundbreaking telehealth platform delivering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy support by a licensed therapist. To learn more about LeggUP, visit their website at

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July 1, 2021
LeggUP Shakes Up Employee Benefits Industry With Talent Insurance

Professional coaching and wellbeing platform reinvigorates employee benefits offerings with the launch of their most flexible product yet.