Talent Insurance™ for Small Group

Did you know career development opportunities are the No.1 requested employee benefit by top talent and high-performing job seekers? Beating out compensation, PTO, and traditional health benefits, it’s evident employees now expect their job to not only offer career development opportunities but hand over a turnkey, effective solution.

Chart showing career development opportunities like professioanl coaching outrank compensation and health benefits as the top consideration for job seekers
In Jobvite's 2020 Study, job seekers cited career development as the top reason for voluntary turnover and their top concern when looking for a new employer.

That’s why LeggUP, a professional coaching and mental wellbeing platform, developed Talent Insurance™. An employer-based program, Talent Insurance offers confidential career assessments and short and long-term career support scientifically proven to reduce turnover and attract new talent in organizations while improving employee productivity and wellbeing.

Talent Insurance Offerings

We designed Talent Insurance to help small group employers (2-99 employees) compete for and retain great people. With Talent Insurance, all employees will have access to six sessions of professional coaching per plan year for a fixed monthly premium. 

In addition, HR professionals and/or owners will receive access to our data-driven platform, allowing them to track employee progress and measure overall success. 

And how do we define success? 

Employees will take our confidential Career Pulse Assessment before and after their coaching sessions. Strategically created by our in-house PhDs, this proprietary assessment measures six dimensions of productivity (including levels of self-awareness and leadership skills) and six dimensions of wellbeing (including their ability to manage stress and avoid burnout). While maintaining employee privacy, the dashboard will uncover organizational strengths, blind spots, and false securities. 

Download our scientific background here to learn more. 

Talent Insurance operates on a 12-month contract with annual renewals. 

LeggUP® Coaching Results

Mental health platform unlocks an employee’s untapped potential by asking powerful questions, partnering to create an action plan, and most importantly, instilling accountability from session to session. 

On average, coaching results include a: 

  • 66% improvement in avoiding burnout
  • 42% improvement in ability to build better relationships at work
  • 53% improvement in leadership and empowerment skills
  • 63% improvement in ability to set SMART goals and identify personal values, and
  • 40% improvement in overall job satisfaction

The future of work is shifting the balance sheet from tangible assets to the measure of the intellectual talents and job satisfaction of employees. To remain competitive, brokers and consultants must offer their clients products and services that recruit and retain the best workforce. Companies who strategically invest in the career health of their employees will see a decrease in turnover, dramatically impacting their bottom line while improving the quality of their output.

FAQs on Talent Insurance

When is Talent Insurance Available? When is Open Enrollment?

Talent Insurance is effective July 1, 2021. Open enrollment is available throughout the year, offering brokers and consultants a unique opportunity to start an engaging conversation with clients at otherwise quiet times of the year.  

What is the Setup Process? 

You can seamlessly add Talent Insurance to your existing benefits package with new client setup taking less than 90 minutes. Required census information includes first name, last name, and email address. 

How Does Pricing Work? 

Auto-pricing will be available on July 1, 2021. For a quick pricing conversation, contact us today

Is it Only Available for Small Groups? 

Talent Insurance is competitively priced for small groups. However, similar programs and packages are available for larger organizations. Reach out to us today for large group information.  

Is Their Broker/GA Commission? 

LeggUP is currently offering competitive GA and broker commissions. 

Tom Finn

Chief Executive Officer

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