Career development and coaching platform LeggUP recently announced key partnerships with a number of large multinational companies, greatly expanding its potential to reach employees seeking professional growth. Recent additions include Siemens, with 372,000 employees, logistics company Honeywell, with 131,000, computer giants Intel and HP, with 102,700 and 66,000 employees respectively, energy company Halliburton, with 55,000 employees, and Exelon, with 34,000 employees. To date, over a dozen Fortune 500 companies have already added LeggUP to their employee benefits programs including Boeing, who had adopted LeggUP just several months earlier. This means that LeggUP now offers better access to professional development and coaching to over 1.8 million employees and counting.

"LeggUP is here to help improve the lives of managers and employees around the globe.”

Creating a Vibrant Learning Culture

In catering to the nation’s largest employers, as well as international brands and companies like Siemens, LeggUP seeks to become an effective change for good in the world of business. “We’re seeing the winning values of our large customers remain congruent. Organizations are moving from a ‘know it all’ environment to a thriving ‘learn it all’ employee culture,” stated Tom Finn, Co-Founder and CEO of LeggUP. “LeggUP’s suite of services and connections allows employees to get the growth they demand from their workplace, and employers to reap the benefits of a highly motivated and better-equipped team of workers.”

Enabling Growth & Alignment

LeggUP is uniquely committed to employee growth. Offering free discovery sessions to help employees understand how coaching can work for them, LeggUP’s approach and framework means everyone can effectively leverage their skills to deliver critical business outcomes. With LeggUP’s vibrant, tech-driven platform, no longer is coaching just for executives.

Furthermore, LeggUP is a response to the contemporary global economy in which companies operate. Enterprises are enabled, through the platform, to meet the demand for coaching in scale and across borders. Working collaboratively with employees and HR leaders, LeggUP prepares enterprise customers for new ways of working, helps establish a learning culture, and deploys innovative solutions to build the agile employees necessary to compete on a global stage.

Tom Finn expanded on LeggUP’s current pursuits. “LeggUP was designed as a response to the lack of opportunity for professional growth, which has become a material concern in many companies. Employers have grown to play a central role in offering health care to their employees, and in that same vein, there is no one better equipped to promote personal and professional growth in employee’s lives. LeggUP is here to help improve the lives of managers and employees around the globe.”

About LeggUP

LeggUP is a novel career development and employee engagement platform that empowers people in the international business community to develop via quality career coaching. Through its progressive technology, LeggUP connects, motivates, and educates business coaches, learners, and organizations to catapult growth.

Press Release
December 6, 2018
LeggUP Partners with IBM, Intel, Siemens, and Others as its Enterprise Expansion Continues

Career development platform LeggUP continues significant expansion among multinationals, adding more Fortune 500 companies to its ranks.