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What Employees are Really Craving

Work perks have quickly risen toward the top of people’s decision-making process when considering a job offer. The appeal of extra time off or that all important snack bar at the office can have massive impacts to organizations attempting to recruit top talent…initially.

According to a recent Unum study, 39% of employees are requesting professional development from their employer. We often wonder if leaders and managers would be so keen on trying to lock down that 15% discount on brand-named apparel if they really understood what their employees were craving.

Coaching is Collaborative

Very few work perks actually have a lasting impact on their people like career coaching does. The challenge is, while many have heard of coaching, not enough understand its purpose and return on investment.

Coaching is a collaborative process where a member and coach work together to create a transformative experience. It seeks to uncover previously untapped potential by asking powerful questions that challenge inner truths. Many carry with them barriers to success that must be unpacked to move forward and grow. Coaching builds self-awareness that sets the starting point of where to begin the development journey. Only with self-reflection can one objectively analyze their current status and begin to formulate a plan of how to reach a desired state.

How to Get Started

If LeggUP coaching is a perk at your current employer, there may be questions of how to get started. Most host an employee perks portal to see all available options. Simply search for LeggUP and view what offers are available at your organization. When you decide coaching is right for your development, logon to and register with your company code, if one has been provided. We guide you through every step of the process by getting to know you through PhD designed assessments and then provide custom program options and coach recommendations to make sure you experience the high-impact program you desire.

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Dive Deep When Deciding on Benefits

When selecting an employer and comparing employee benefits, take a deep look at which ones truly impact overall satisfaction. More importantly, which benefits provide lasting impacts toward career success. While that looks different for every person, using coaching to find the lasting feeling of fulfillment is the empowerment you deserve.

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