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Increase Morale
Improve Retention
More Productive Workforce

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Forward thinking leaders like yourself know that actions that positively impact employee career health lead to increased morale, better retention and a more productive workforce. LeggUP provides you the tools you need to transform the career health of your team today.

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Increase Engagement
Support Remote Workers
Create a Coaching Culture
Build Resilience
Better Navigate Change

How Your Team Benefits

The future of work demands management techniques that better cater to a dispersed workforce. LeggUP provides the career health support your team has been looking for, even if they are remote.

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The Career Health Spectrum

Career health is the holistic measure of the productivity and wellbeing of team members. Optimal career health unlocks human potential.

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Career Success Programs


When your teams are:
Ready For More
New Manager
Born To Sell
Your teams will benefit in areas such as:
Growth Mindest
Servant Leadership
Managing Complexity
Career Vision
Team Mindset

Mental Wellbeing Programs


When your teams are:
Your teams will benefit in areas such as:
Building Resilience
Balance & Wellbeing
Finding Purpose
Emotional Triggers
Psychological Safety
Navigating Change

Getting started.

We designed our system to be intuitive, scalable and on demand to meet your needs.
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Getting started.

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Build your program

Select from 40 productivity and wellbeing topics to create a 3, 6, or 12-session career health program. Choose a new topic for each session or dig deeper with the same topic for multiple sessions. For increased team buy-in, add employee choice for a portion of the program.

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Invite teams

LeggUP provides the flexibility to organize your workforce into multiple teams and even assign unique programs to each individual to reach your goals.

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Launch Transformation

Experience fast implementation times through convenient credit card payment processing or download an invoice to pay through traditional check or secure, digital transfers.

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Member Experiences

Your teams experience a highly-personalized career health program that includes:

Personalized Invite to the Platform
Member Introduction Webinar
Career Pulse Assessment Report
Data-Driven Career Health Provider Matching
Member How-To Guides
Company Branded User Experience
Downloadable Career Health Workbooks for Each Topic
Certificate of Completion
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Stay on Track. Stay on Budget

Managers have access to a white-labeled dashboard to view progress of their teams. We provide reports and comprehesive debriefs delivering the evidence you need to justify budgets. We are ready to scale and grow with you, on demand.

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