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Become the Source of Inspiration

Now, more than ever, we all need to step up and become a source of inspiration for our teams.

What Kind of Culture Did You Create?

As a leader, you know your workplace dynamic directly impacts employee morale and, in turn, your bottom line. No matter how great [you think] your company culture might be, there is always room for improvement. More importantly, is your culture sustainable? Does it encourage growth? Are your employees happy?

Small Habits Grow Over Time

A happy employee is the goal, and the initiatives to support it could start out with small habits that evolve over time to create a caring culture. To make impactful changes, you’ll have to first understand which areas warrant the most attention.

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Happiness Breeds Resilience

Take engagement and productivity for example. Engaged employees who are fulfilled and satisfied with their jobs may report higher levels of happiness and productivity than their disengaged peers. Happiness inspires productivity; not the other way around, and research found that positive people have a ‘happiness advantage’; they are more productive and resilient, less likely to burn out or leave and are better at selling

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Leaders Go the Extra Mile

To increase happiness, one happy employee at a time, be prepared to listen AND change. Figure out and prioritize this work/life balance thing for your organization by really getting curious about what enables your people to create a sense of balance. Launch initiatives to build individual growth paths, encourage positive mindsets, all by offering employee benefits beyond the basics that make employees feel like you are going that extra mile to take care of them and their families.

Become an Impact Employer

LeggUP is ready to partner with you and your team to help your business continue to prosper and grow, by tapping into your employees’ full potential. As a leader, continue to increase your knowledge about your team’s actual productivity and wellbeing and invest in your most valuable asset: your people. Make it your mission to turn your organization into an impact employer and demonstrate a serious commitment to shaping and co-creating the Future of Work. Transform uncertainty into an informed perspective through decisive action that helps your organization and your teams navigate the challenges ahead; happily and confidently.

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