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Our Dynamic Environment

Hard to even remember how business was conducted even just 10 years ago. Cell phones were just becoming sophisticated enough to support remote work, virtually anywhere in the world. Recessions, wars and pandemics are not new, nor are they a thing of the past. However, there is no doubt the workforce of tomorrow will be dramatically different than it exists today. Organizations are scrambling to understand how the Future of Work will impact their company’s and employees’ career success.
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A Case for the Agile Learner

One study cites that by 2030, 85% of the jobs that will exist have not yet been created. The race to upskill and reskill is high tempo and extremely competitive. So how do you hedge that kind of world altering shift in employees? The answer is clearly not as simple as training, as those topics will likely be outdated before they are presented. The intelligent answer is to become the agile learner. Those who embrace change and learn how to manage complexity, will rise to the top of the candidate pool. Even those have maintained their competitiveness over the previous decades can continue to do so if they subscribe to the virtue of always being a problem solver and agile thinker.

No Longer Just for Execs

Career coaching is not just for executives who sit behind big desks at large corporations. Coaching is for anyone who wants to thrive in life. Coaching differs from training in that coaching has an uncanny ability to unlock untapped potential, whereas training simply tells you what to do. Which would be more powerful in a highly dynamic environment: building your own vision or listening to a seminar about someone else’s?

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Coaches Launch Transformation

Every individual has skills and ideas that even they didn’t know they had. That’s where a career coach excels. They know the powerful questions to ask to draw out what was previously undiscoverable. Through this one-on-one development partnership, coaches work alongside each member to build a plan to excel in any challenge. While healthcare benefits are required, we know professional development as an employee benefit is at the top of employees’ desires.

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Out with the Old ; In with the New

To think that any organization will be able operate the same old way for the Future of Work and continue to accelerate their business is foolish. The only way to stay ahead is with a proactive approach that seeks to not just fix a problem but anticipate challenges in order to make more informed strategy decisions.

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