Distribution Partners

How are your employer paid services priced?

We offer an employer paid wallet that allows enterprises to fund specific amounts pre-paid coaching credits into employees online wallets. LeggUP’s services include a per-participant, per-month (PPPM) software pricing arrangement for the employer paid wallet. Pricing is standardly based on the product(s) selected and available on our pricing page. Many Broker/Consultant groups have negotiated rates with us.

Can I offer my client a voluntary benefit product?

Yes, we have over 200 voluntary benefits customers ranging from 50 – 400,000 employees.

Is it possible to offer employer paid and voluntary products?

Yes, we highly recommend that companies select a group of employees (10+) funding the employer paid wallet and offer the remainder of employees the voluntary benefit.

Can Brokers/Consultants pick up the cost of LeggUP PPPM for their clients?

Yes. LeggUP’s services can be paid for by the client or Broker/Consultant.

Are commissions available?

Yes. When coaching services are paid for by the plan sponsor/client, qualified distribution partners can earn commissions for the sale of LeggUP products. Commissions are built into the utilization of services not the PPPM. Contact our Sales Department at Sales@LeggUP.com for information about becoming a distribution partner.

How often does billing occur?

Similar to healthcare, the client selects the coaching amount upfront and selects the employees to receive it. The client simply funds the employer paid wallet at time of enrollment and can refill the wallet at any point -later in the year. Billing amount is based on submitted census counts and enrollment in the employer paid wallet.

How long does the installation process take?

The typical implementation time for groups under 5,000 is 30 days. Larger groups may require more customization or specific recruiting of professional training and business coaches to meet the specific needs of the group.

Are spouses and family included?

No, all non-employees of the company are not eligible for LeggUP as an enterprise learner. We use the company email address to validate participation and gain access to the system. However, individuals can visit LeggUP on their own and pay a small monthly service fee.

Are any employee materials included at the time of installation?

Yes. LeggUP will provide soft copies of standard employee materials to the client’s HR contact listed on the Installation Form for distribution to employees.

How do I ensure that my client's employees use your career development coaching?

Every employer is different and so are their employees. The best way to ensure utilization is to have a communications plan that fits your client’s cultural norms. We work with our clients to implement a communications and awareness program that fits their unique employee base.