Do I need to pay for your service?

As a coach, you do not need to pay for LeggUP on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. Instead, our platform will collect a fee after the learners pay for your coaching.

How do I start working in LeggUP once I’ve signed up?

We highly recommend to start with your profile. Before you start your profile, you will have a “Pending” status and learners will not be able to contact you until you are interviewed and have your profile 50% complete.

You have a personal info tab to introduce yourself, a landing page where you can promote yourself to our learners, and many other features to show your skills as a coach. You’ll also need to enable your payment mode so you can be paid for your sessions, which is always important! Once you're "Active," learners will be able to find you and add you to their contact list and begin coaching.

Can I use my LinkedIn/ Twitter/ Google+/ Facebook/ to sign up?

Yes, you can use your LinkedIn account to sign up! LeggUP creates an account using your LinkedIn data, such as your name and email. You can set up a password later in your profile to use direct login. Currently, we support social sign up via LinkedIn only.

What specific areas of coaching can I offer on LeggUP?

We offer coaching vertices in 3 career development cornerstones; Culture, Talent and Strategy. Those areas are further expanded into the following 9 career development categories. It’s up to you to determine where you excel in coaching and what areas you do not have experience in.

1. Building High Performance: the foundation of effective teamwork and collaboration
2. Career Empowerment: find your voice and amplify your message
3. Wellness: commit to a healthier and happier future
4. Innovation Coach: develop a framework for capturing your ideas
5. Leadership Coach: gain confidence, build trust
6. Transition Coach: take the next step in your career
7. Financial Acumen: navigate corporate finance
8. Project Management: create actionable plans ready for implementation.
9. Business Development: ask the right questions and build long term relationships.

How can I appeal to learners?

LeggUP allows learners to find coaches though search and contact you! To stand out, we recommend having 100% completed profile, clear images and fully completed packages and pricing offerings.

How do I customize my profile?

You can customize your profile by adding tags in the system. We offer customization of industry, education, certifications and of course custom coaching methodologies. You will also select up to 9 areas of coaching specification to ensure you receive the right learners for your experience and background.

What should I do to be at the top of the Learner’s "Search for a Coach" list?

The completeness of your profile determines where you will be ranked in the list among other coaches. With a complete profile, learners will be able to find your profile easily at the top of the list. With a empty profile, learners will have a hard time finding you!

What are the steps to start working with my learners after we connect?

1. Select a learner from your contact list.
2. Start talking with him/her in your chat.
3. Schedule and complete the chemistry session to get acquainted.
4. Discuss details and create your coaching plan and invoice in the system.
5. Work with your learner to schedule a session(s)!
6. Use the LeggUP Lab as your workspace for the on-demand video meeting.
7. Lastly, rate the coaching plan and learner interaction.

What is my LeggUP Lab?

LeggUP Lab is a workspace set up with learners for your coaching activities! This can include chatting, creating a coaching plan, scheduling a session, starting the session, and rating the session. The contact list can also be found on the LeggUP Lab page! Here, you can click the learners’ names in the contact list to open the LeggUP Lab with them.

How can I create a coaching package?

You’ll have a packages tab in your profile to create a offerings. You can create a single session, multi-session or custom offer and present it as a package. The package data is for informational use only--the learner can't buy the package. You will need to discuss the details and create a custom coaching plan for each learner separately after the learner contacts you.

What personal information about me is displayed to the learners?

Once you’ve signed up and filled in your information, you can take a look at the preview of your landing page to understand how LeggUP will present you to our learners. We use the icon of a globe to show our users which information is public.  For Example: Your name and city is public to help learners find you, but your date of birth is private and only used to verify your identity.

Do I need to enable my payouts before I start working on LeggUP?

You can communicate with your learners and complete free chemistry sessions with each learner even if your payment mode is OFF. To get paid, you will need to enable your payouts by setting your payment mode to ON and adding the necessary financial information.

Where will I receive my payouts and how long does it take?

Your payouts will appear in the bank account that you have linked in your profile! Typically, it takes 7 days to receive your payout from LeggUP.

Do you protect my personal data? Is it safe to work on your platform?

Yes, we do! We make sure your personal data is protected to the highest degree. We use the most up-to-date and current tools and technology to keep your information safe and secured. We collaborate only with highly respected services that can process your data, such as Amazon AWS and Stripe Payment Processing.

Where do you save my personal ID verification information and banking information?

We do not save your payment information (neither ID verification nor banking account data) in our database. We use highly respected and secure payment service - Stripe - to enable the payments at our platform. Stripe gathers and saves the payment information you provide, but no information is held or visible by LeggUP.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment processing company. Its software allows individuals and businesses to receive payments over the Internet. Stripe provides the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate on-line payment systems. Stripe has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Stripe is uses by Microsoft, Amazon and thousands of companies around the world. What web browsers does LeggUP support?

What web browsers does LeggUP support?

We offer access to LeggUP though Chrome and Firefox. Currently we do not support Safari, but apple users can download the chrome browser here: https://www.google.com/chrome/