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Changing the Nature of Compensation

Supporting and rewarding today's dynamic workforce with compensation, employee incentives and benefits that align with the new world of work and your organizations objectives can be a challenge given the radical changes and shifts in work and jobs. And you’re not alone. According to a recent study (Human Capital Trends, Deloitte), almost 70 percent of organizations worldwide are aware of the importance to address the changing nature of compensation expectations and strategies critical to their continued success, but only 9 percent say they are ready for it.

How Organizations Value Individuals

At LeggUP, we believe in compensation, and more specifically employee incentives and work perks as a lever to manage the biggest shifts happening in today’s work environment. More importantly, they have become a reflection of how organizations value individuals and how individuals value organizations. And we are all about enabling organizations to support and grow their workers in meaningful ways and transform that meaning into quantifiable value.

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Culture that Inspires Connection

So, instead of engaging in a constant cycle of adjusting and readjusting your organization’s compensation strategies, evaluating for its fit with worker needs, add LeggUP to your benefits plan and boldly demonstrate your commitment to valuing employees’ individual contributions and creating a sense of belonging through a culture that inspires connection, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

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LeggUP Programs are Impactful

Our programs are designed to help your employees align their personal goals and vision with your organizational objectives. They inspire passion, collaboration and growth. Their impact develops self-awareness, resilience, and helps to uncover biases. This in turn improve’s your organization’s ability to execute on strategy while meeting stakeholder needs and expectations in a more transparent world.

Reimagine Incentives

Create a culture of gratitude in your organization. Great incentivize reward your employees with benefits that truly transform lives. Too often companies view benefits and incentives as line items in the budget. And too often they do not have the return on investment organizations desire. Coaching from LeggUP provides an incentive that improves an employee’s personal and professional life but builds a culture that inspires the entire company.

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