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An Employee-Centric Future of Work

When most people think of employee benefits, the words medical, dental and vision quickly come to mind. Despite a recent Unum study finding 39% of employees are requesting professional development from their employer, most employers are ignoring its urgency. The Future of Work demands a different approach by corporations that is even more employee-centric in order to continue to recruit top talent.

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Continuous Improvement

Coaching has traditionally been perceived as a technique for C-suite leaders to grow into even greater roles and responsibilities. Historically, the high costs ensured these were the only employees that would have the access to this exclusive benefit. LeggUP was built to take the mystery out of the industry and provide world-class coaching to employees at all levels.

Complement an Existing Strategy with Coaching

LeggUP makes implementing a career health program into an existing strategy simple and affordable. We offer flexible financing through a voluntary or employer-paid benefit. Many choose to do a blend of both to support an initiative. Through the benefits model, employees gain buying power through their employer making access to a career health program even more affordable.

Comprehensive Reporting

Like most benefits, members have access to the LeggUP platform for the full year to allow for maximum flexibility when scheduling their live 1-on-1 coaching sessions. As with all programs, members will be able to see the progress of their development using our science-backed Career Pulse assessment. Employer leadership will even have access to aggregated data for comprehensive reporting on how their entire organization is doing, even down to the team level.

Coaching as a Voluntary or Employer-Paid Benefit

LeggUP makes implementing a turnkey talent development strategy or supplementing an existing program streamlined for any organization. Through a voluntary benefit, there is even no cost to the employer. If your company has never experienced coaching, we remove the guesswork by connecting employees with world-class coaches through a secure, fully integrated platform. Through the employer paid option, employers may preselect all coaching topics or blend it with offering some employee choice. Regardless, each employee receives a highly personalized coaching experience.


Increase Retention While Reducing Stress

There is no better time to prepare your organization for the Future of Work. LeggUP coaching has a direct impact on retention, reducing stress all while increasing productivity and engagement. Offering competitive work perks attracts top talent, further highlighting your organization in the market. Through the employee benefits model, LeggUP delivers a return on investment your organization cannot afford to overlook and a benefit that is essential to your employees’ growth.

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