Top Businesses Require World-Class Custom Networks

LeggUP is uniquely qualified to build businesses world-class custom networks regardless of the industry. Our process ensures you have a consistent supply of top professionals available to service your customers.

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We Listen

We listen first. We will discuss your goals, your workforce needs, and understand your training requirements and standards before we begin our process. This ensures you have a robust network of providers you can depend on.

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Enter New Markets

Whether you are entering new locations or launching new products, we are experts at helping you do it quickly and efficiently.

Global Outreach

LeggUP has built multi-lingual custom networks that span the globe. No matter where you do business, LeggUP is skilled at recruiting talent that accelerates your enterprise.

What Makes Our Networks Best-in-Class

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LeggUP’s process and values intrinsically create diverse networks of different races, cultures, backgrounds and ideologies to exceed your strategic objectives. A well-rounded network is resilient and more sensitive to your clients’ needs.


Trust is paramount when building your network. Each network professional must meet your high standards. With each client, we build a custom process with verified credentials and backgrounds to ensure you are protected. Our expertise at automation improves efficiency and speed to market.

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Scaleable Technology

Building an at scale network requires stable technology to grow quickly. Our framework delivers the customization you need for profiles, vetting and training. Administrative dashboards intuitively communicate the progress towards your goals. Integrated feedback features provide ongoing performance management.

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Integration Accelerates

By leveraging our systems, we accelerate the integration of the custom network into your architecture through secure transfers and APIs. Time to market is dramatically reduced by simply building the bridge to the new structure and not investing in an entire renovation of your exsisting systems.

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It’s one thing to find the network, it is another thing to elevate them to your standards. We offer the ability to compliment your existing training package or fully replicate it for a turnkey experience. Our experts work side-by-side to automate where possible and deliver live one-on-one instruction where necessary.

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